Employment Attorney discusses vaccine exemption rights for employers and employees – Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Many companies are raising exemption questions as the federal government and some companies are beginning to implement vaccination mandates in their workplaces.

Questions about vaccination exemption have skyrocketed to Tulsa Employment Attorney Frank Fraser since the Biden administration announced mandatory vaccines for companies with millions of federal employees and more than 100 employees.

“We receive calls and emails from dozens of people every day, does this apply to me too? Do I need to wear a mask or, more importantly, get vaccinated? Is there? The answer is yes, “says Fraiser.

Fraser said there are two exemptions that apply to vaccine obligations. First, the medical conditions that prevent vaccination are documented.

“It’s under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which passed many years ago. Employees and employers need to work together. It’s possible that you violate the law. Yes, and then the outcome of the proceedings may come out, but the intention is really to get the employee to think about the accommodation, “Fraser said.

The other is faith.
Fraser said religious exemptions are very difficult for employers to prove and are at the discretion of the employer.
He said employers can look for lawyers to determine the validity of religious claims.

It is the employers who have to use strict scrutiny for their religious tax exemption, and given the nature of this pandemic and the illnesses we are fighting against, most employers do not support them. I predict … it’s not like the locals said for one of us, it affects all of us and the people around us, “Frazier said.

Fraser said they have the right to dismiss employees for disobedience if their employers do not consider religious reasons to be justified.

“In most cases of disobedience in Oklahoma, there is a 99% chance that you will not receive an unemployment allowance in Oklahoma,” Fraiser said.

He said some people would choose to quit their jobs instead of vaccination. This is the risk he said the private employers are choosing to take.
Fraser said it is important for employees and employers to talk to each other and find a solution that works for both parties.

“I’ve always emphasized accommodation over litigation. If you can make accommodation, if you can get a mask on, investing in this religious belief is worth losing this employee Yes, take a weekly test, “Frasier said. “If you haven’t had a conversation with your employee yet, I recommend it to your employer. I know that open communication between your employer and your employees can really help you in that conversation.” Said Fraiser.

He said the same applies to employees. If you know you have a medical condition and this deadline is approaching, you should now consult your doctor to document it and begin a dialogue with your employer.

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Employment Attorney discusses vaccine exemption rights for employers and employees Source link Employment Attorney discusses vaccine exemption rights for employers and employees

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