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For almost 30 years, Partners in Housing has not only provided roofs for families, but also other services such as education, employment and life skills training.

“The family has lived in our home for a year,” explained Secretary-General Mary Stegner. “Each family sets their own goals for what they want to achieve in the meantime.” In addition to being able to establish housing stability, their goals are usually increased income, increased self-sufficiency, He added that it would include improvements in education.

Situations that lead families to seek help from PIH range from loss of housing, domestic violence, and lack of childcare and transportation. Health and employment issues may also be a factor.

Based on figures from the 2019-2020 fiscal year report, Partners in Housing will serve 385 people (128 adults and 257 children) with measurable results showing success rates such as 90% improvement in housing. Brought. Work preparation increased by 92%. For example, your income will increase by 82%. Stegner said PIH is proud of the statistics because it represents the work the family has accomplished.

The need for housing, and the role of PIH in the community, has not diminished over the years. However, organizations have limited ability to provide assistance based on their existing housing inventory. As a result, last year the board created a strategic plan to add more transitional homes.

“Now we need to have a waiting list because more people need it than we can help. We have a solid plan on how to do more. “Stegner said. “And with the help of other non-profit partners, we want to both build and acquire new units.”

In addition to increasing inventories, Stegner said: “We are looking at what we can do to meet the needs of our children and the needs of our youth while they are with us. We really have a program for the whole family. is.”

When COVID-19 began to influence the families it served, Stegner said the digital divide was revealed. “We realized early on that families didn’t have the technology they needed.” Through the grant, Partners in Housing was able to get computers for all families and cover all internet charges. ..

There is a moratorium of evictions due to COVID-19, but Stegner expects that when it is lifted, the need for housing services will increase.

Even with a waiting list and limited housing inventory, housing partners can provide assistance. Family members in need are advised to fill out an application to be on the waiting list. “We can still provide some services,” Stegner said. “We can support basic needs such as childcare, employment issues, etc. We will work with our family as soon as possible.”

“Our goal is to see what we are doing to help in as many ways as possible,” she said. “When it’s time for them to leave, we want them to leave in a better condition than when they came.”

EMPTY STOCKING FUND: Partners in Housing helps families find homes | Empty Stocking Fund Source link EMPTY STOCKING FUND: Partners in Housing helps families find homes | Empty Stocking Fund

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