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EMW buffer zone will not be enforced until judge weighs in – Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky

Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky 2021-07-20 03:40:30 –

TESSA REDMOND, Kentucky Today

Louisville, Kentucky (KT) – The controversial “buffer zone” surrounding EMW Women’s Surgical Center, one of the two women’s medical clinics offering abortion in Kentucky, is a party in an ongoing proceeding. Will not take effect on July 16th, as originally agreed.

Kentucky’s right-to-life and right-to-life sisters challenged the ordinance in the Western District Court on June 8 for violating the constitutional right to free speech and free exercise of religion. The lawyer has agreed to postpone the enforcement of the buffer zone until July 16 so that both parties can edit the briefs.

On Thursday, defendants, including the Luisville Metro government, Mayor Greg Fischer, Police Chief Erica Shields, and Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell, agreed not to enforce the Buffer Zone Ordinance while the proceedings were still pending in court.

“Kentucky’s right to life and our pro-woman, pro-life advocates have been appointed by the Ministry of Sidewalk Counseling by extending a temporary emergency injunction while waiting for Judge Jennings’ decision in the pursuit of proceedings. We are pleased that the city has allowed us to continue, said Adia Wechner, Kentucky’s Secretary-General for Right to Life.

According to an agreed order filed with the Western District Court on Thursday, the parties stated that all claims filed were “ripe to ruling.” This includes a provisional injunction against the Pro Life Group and the city’s allegations to dismiss the proceedings.

In order to proceed with the proceedings, Judge Rebecca Jennings must rule all allegations filed. Until then, professional life sidewalk counseling can continue outside of EMW.

EMW buffer zone will not be enforced until judge weighs in Source link EMW buffer zone will not be enforced until judge weighs in

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