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The fireworks festival has been postponed to Labor Day weekend to protect the threatened Drosophila.

A chick and an adult plover on the beach of Winthrop. David L. Ryan / Globe Staff

The town of Cape Cod has postponed the fireworks display on July 4th this year to protect the population of Piping plover and Least Tern.

Barnstable’s annual Independence Day fireworks display at Calms Beach in Lewis Bay will take place on Saturday, September 3, 2022.

A press release According to Barnstable officials, the town is “close to endangered species, so it’s a town [4th of July] The fireworks display will not proceed as planned. “

Piping plover has been listed by the federal government as endangered since 1986.

According to town officials, the location of the fireworks barge in Lewis Bay meets the buffer requirements from Calms Beach, where bird populations are known. These populations are monitored by the Massachusetts Audubon Society. The Massachusetts Audubon Association reports annual data to the Mass Wildlife Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP).

Shortly before last year’s fireworks, NHESP notified the Barnstable authorities that the barge was too close to the Smith Point nesting site and asked the town to cancel the exhibition. However, the town proceeded with the celebration, officials said, because the barge was loaded with explosives and the request could not be fulfilled.

“Barges and their surrounding areas [became] Stopping the “exclusion zone” and fireworks launch was not an option. The 2021 fireworks were launched because of the safety concerns mentioned above, “said the press release.

NHESP has recorded the 2021 fireworks display as a violation of the Endangered Species Act. Barnstable is working to agree on a mitigation plan. From now on, the town will need to find a new place for fireworks barges, away from Smith Point and Calms Beach, perhaps away from Lewis Bay.

Town officials said moving this year’s fireworks display to Labor Day is the only option. This is because the nesting activities of plovers and terns are no longer an issue in September. They added that there are still various celebrations on July 4th throughout the town’s village.

Locals responded strongly to the news, with many expressing their views on social media. HyannisNews Facebook account Collected Over 330 comments about the announcement. Opinions were almost evenly divided.

“Even after many years, plovers ruin people’s enjoyment. I’m not surprised,” said one Facebook user.

“I can’t believe it! This is absolutely ridiculous. Is the plover paying taxes in the town? It’s just curious,” another said.

Another Facebook user didn’t bother with the delay in fireworks. It’s a funny firework. It’s not the end of the world. If you are desperate, please go to the next town. “

Endangered piping plovers chase July 4 fireworks out of Barnstable beach Source link Endangered piping plovers chase July 4 fireworks out of Barnstable beach

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