“Enemy Combatants” held in Guantanamo in search of liberation as the war is over | Guantanamo Bay

Absveda, Guantanamo inmates Tortured near death by the CIA Having been detained without being charged by the United States for nearly 20 years, he petitioned federal court for his release because the American war between Afghanistan and al-Qaeda was over.

so Submission to the US District Court In Washington, DC, Zveida’s lawyer said the recent White House declaration Armed conflict in Afghanistan is over – Coupled with the complete destruction of the original al-Qaeda group that performed 9/11 – removed the remaining legal justification to keep him captured. The motion demanded his immediate release and described Zveida’s treatment over the last two decades as a “parade of horror.”

At the heart of the new Habeas corpus for the freedom of detainees is Zveida’s position as a so-called “enemy combatant.” Under the 2001 Authorization to Use of Military Forces (AUMF) passed by Congress a few days after the terrorist attacks, then President George W. Bush pursues the people behind the terrorist attacks as part of the war on terrorism. I was authorized.

However, as the new filing points out, Zveida was never charged with 9/11 involvement, and as the US government admits, he was not even a member of al-Qaeda.Rather, he was accused of a crime that took place in Afghanistan As part of the now officially ended war.

The day after the chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan was completed in August, the current president Joe Biden said: “My fellow American, the war in Afghanistan is over.”

Defense Minister Lloyd Austin argued that the war in Afghanistan may have ended, but military operations against al-Qaeda are underway. In a court statement, Austin states that troops and weapons are still deployed in “military operations against al-Qaeda and related troops … throughout the Middle East and Africa.”

Zveida’s lawyer argues that the new emphasis on al-Qaeda as justification for keeping him in Guantanamo is also based on legitimate misconduct. The al-Qaeda they point out has never been specifically mentioned in the AUMF where Zveida is detained.

They also emphasize the fact that all top al-Qaeda leaders involved in 9/11, including Osama bin Laden himself, were killed or captured, except for Aiman ​​Zawahiri, the successor to Bin Laden. Some suggestions I died of illness.

Absveda. Photo: AP

“They say that if a conflict with al-Qaeda occurs anywhere in the world in Africa or elsewhere, the war will continue and Guantanamo inmates will be trapped forever,” Zveida’s Habeas petition. The chief lawyer, Mark Denbeaux, told the Guardian. .. “That means no trial, no hearing or justification, detainees in quarantine, and detention without access to civilians and their families never ends.”

Denbo added: How can I detain enemy combatants when there is no battle? “

Denbo described the Zveida case as “a perfect storm that exposed the war on terrorism, especially the evil actions that promoted torture programs.” Zubaydah, a 50-year-old Palestinian whose name was Zaynal-Abidin Muhammad Husayn at birth, was the first suspected terrorist to be captured by the CIA months after 9/11.

He has been detained at CIA black sites in Thailand and Poland for over four years and has been detained. Exposed to some of the most brutal torture ever committed by the states of the United States..Zveida has become a guinea pig in a program devised by Two psychologists Euphemistically known as “extended cross-examination,” but under a contract with the CIA, which is widely accused of torture.

He was Waterboarding 83 times a month Held for hours Naked, with his hands tied overhead, he slept for days at a time and packed them in a closed box resembling a casket.

Joe Biden announced the end of the US War in Afghanistan on August 31st.
Joe Biden announced the end of the US War in Afghanistan on August 31st. Photo: Stefani Reynolds / EPA

The devastating details of Zveida’s treatment have received public attention as it is being considered by the US Supreme Court. State secret case It was inspired by his time at the CIA Black Site in Poland. Although the case has nothing to do with Habeas’s allegations in Zveida, observers were first impressed by the fact that the Supreme Court judge directly referred to what he endured as “torture.”

Some of the judges also expressed surprise that Zveida was still in Guantanamo without charge, despite a clear Supreme Court ruling banning such indefinite series of Deadly JudgmentThe Supreme Court of the State has banned detainees from being permanently detained without checking and balancing, giving judges the right to petition in federal court, and their “detention lasts longer than active hostilities?” It may not be. ” They were considered enemy combatants.

Zveida first challenged imprisonment in the Washington, DC Federal District Court in August 2008, just weeks after the Supreme Court admitted an enemy combatant beneath the Havia Scorpus in its ruling. .. Boumedienev Bush.. Habeas Corpus demands that the state appear before the judge to accuse or release the individual, but 13 years later the case remains unresolved and Zveida was detained without charge. It remains.

In an oral argument in a state secret case in October, Judge Stephen Breyer said the Supreme Court said, “The government can detain Guantanamo inmates during an aggressive fighting operation against Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. I ruled. ” Well, they aren’t there anymore.Then why [Zubaydah] there? “

Breyer later added, “I don’t know why he’s still there after 14 years.”

“Enemy Combatants” held in Guantanamo in search of liberation as the war is over | Guantanamo Bay

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