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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — You may not know the name Valerie Taylor, but you’re probably familiar with her work.

A brave deep-sea photographer and her husband, Ron, have shot some of the most fascinating shark footage to date. They paved the way for other photographers, nature-based reality shows, and scientific research, helping to dispel the myth that sharks are bloodthirsty cannibals.

The documentary “Playing with Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story,” which debuts on January 23 at Disney +, sketches the fascinating story of Taylor’s life. Director Sally Aitken shows how to take advantage of Taylor’s best photographic work to overcome the complications of childhood polio and become a spear fisherman and photographer.

She met her husband Ron, who raised her passion for underwater photography and nature maintenance to an international star. They did a circuit round of talk shows, were published in magazines, and eventually became consultants for movies such as “Jaws.”

In an archive interview, young Steven Spielberg shares the dangers faced by the crew. Valerie and Ron were so brave that they decided to capture an unscripted shot, but they got caught up in the movie anyway. The anecdote about a shark that found its way in a cage is especially chilling.

The Taylors seemed to thrive in such adversity and worked as hard when fame was brought to them, as when almost no one saw their footage. “Jaws” helped bring them to fame, but they seemed somewhat regretful of their role in making the film a cultural phenomenon. They worked tirelessly to promote the notion that sharks are intelligent and complex creatures and worth exploring their fascinating world until Ron’s death in 2012.

A little slim and may have been curated by Valerie Taylor to create her own image, “Playing with Sharks” is a lighting film worth digging deeper.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

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Engaging doc ‘Playing with Sharks’ sinks its teeth into a fascinating life Source link Engaging doc ‘Playing with Sharks’ sinks its teeth into a fascinating life

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