Enough silence. It’s time to make a fuss about Brittney Griner’s imprisonment | WNBA

Brittney Griner dropped her cold-hearted game face and looked at me with big sad eyes, saying, “The nightmare for me is that I’m forgotten and I’ll end up alone. I definitely felt it. “

I didn’t see the superstar anymore. I was deeply moved by a young man in the sea away from any of my acquaintances. “Come here, I was alone … I’m like Oh no, my life is nearing the end“She said.

Britney alone is not allowed to realize the fear of being forgotten far away from home.

It was 2014 and we were sitting in an empty conference room in Hangzhou, China.I flew for 20 hours to go straight from Los Angeles ESPN Documentary About her inauguration season abroad. Just graduated from college, she was drowning in homesickness. She didn’t speak her language, and no one on her team spoke English. She didn’t like food and survived in KFC, Pizza Hut and Skittles. And she spent time waking up in hardwood or the gray penthouse suite at Zijingang International Hotel. Imagine all the melancholy of lost-in translation. Imagine any of Bill Murray.

She was there for money. No. 1 in the 2013 WNBA Draft, Britney earned $ 49,000 against the $ 600,000 he earned at the Zhejiang Golden Bulls in the first season of Phoenix Mercury. If a female basketball player wants to earn top dollars She has to go abroad.. Half of the WNBA travels to countries such as China, Russia, Turkey and France to get much higher salaries. This raises the question of whether a career in the United States counts as a true off-season.

Looking back at her interview video today, I’m annoyed by the feeling that Britney is now talking about her fears from inside a Russian prison cell, not at the time. She has been held since February 17th.. Again, she is abroad. Because there is money there. UMMC Yekaterinburg, which she has played since 2015 and won consecutive championships, has paid her over $ 1 million, compared to around $ 228,000 from Phoenix Mercury.

Moscow claims to have been caught in hashish oil at Sheremetyevo International Airport. This is a crime sentenced to 10 years in prison. But why does this black woman need to jump to the conclusion that she is a criminal and Russian authorities are not lying?After passing through customs for years RussiaDo you think she’s stuffing hashish oil now? The criticism of “massive drug transport” by Russian authorities would be laughable if the stakes weren’t too high.

Remember, this is the government that claims Warship Moscow Instead of admitting that the Ukrainian missile was probably the cause of the sinking, it rushed into an “unexplained fire” a few weeks ago.

Co-authored with Brittney Griner in Hangzhou, China in 2014. Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Johnson

I trust Russian officials to tell the truth about Britney as much as they trust the sieves to hold the water.

Until Tuesday’s announcement from the US State Department Reclassify Britney as “accidentally detained” The White House, WNBA, and Britney families were generally quiet. As former WNBA star Lisa Leslie said, “We were told not to make a fuss about it, so we couldn’t use her as a pawn in this situation of war.”

When I first heard this directive, I didn’t doubt it. I didn’t post about Britney on social media. Like women, we are often told to act, to trust, or obey, better-known professionals. I’m a documentary filmmaker. I know nothing about international hostage negotiations.

The time of silence is over.

Weeks have changed to months. A Moscow court recently announced that her detention would be extended until May 19. This day could go even further, faster than it could be called a “human rights violation.” According to Tom Firestone, a former legal counsel at the US Embassy in Moscow, Britney could be detained without trial for up to 18 months.

Tuesday’s policy changes from the White House may help shorten her decision, but it could exacerbate the situation during times of heightened political tensions between the United States and Russia. Britney may turn out to be a political hostage in a violent and homosexual country run by a sociopath who once called teaching genderfluid a “crime against humanity.”

Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Britney, who also won the NCAA, WNBA and Euroleague championships, is a women’s basketball rock star. She dunks at will and shows off her gender variance in a couture suit. Other BritneyI like to wear Albino snake.. She is a black queer woman and a proud LGBTQ + activist in her second marriage. Few people dislike the values ​​that Britney embodies more than Vladimir Putin.

Don’t wait for her trial to change again. Or-God is forbidden-She only tramples, screams, and delays all the turmoil after we know that she has disappeared under a “mysterious situation.”

I think the Biden administration and Britney’s team have worked hard in a closed room to take her home. I also believe that the “don’t make a fuss” embargo has masked many American misogyny and racism.

Look for the attitude of self-justice, “She has what she deserves.”Britney is the “patriot” of some Americans Stay in the locker room of the national anthem To honor the victims of Briona Taylor and other police atrocities. They don’t want to hear what she said. My father was a legal officer in Vietnam for 30 years. I wanted to be a policeman before basketball. I am proud of my country. “

Ask yourself what the hell is it.

almost 100,000 black women and girls went missing in 2020 In the United States – nevertheless, they rarely become national headlines.according to NPR, Media outlets are four times more likely to report missing whites than black or brown people. (this”Missing Caucasian Female Syndrome.. “)

In the case of Britney, when would co-operative silence be a neglect of collusion? The answer is now. There is no doubt about today’s announcement from the State Department.

Imagine having a husband at home who was rather blonde instead of a black woman with 6’9 inch tattooed dreadlocks in a Russian prison. Or what if it was LeBron James or Stephen Curry? Or Tom Brady? People would have gone crazy. There was no option to “don’t make a fuss”. Whatever the Department of State decides, it’s the headline of every news broadcast, as it was mentioned twice an hour on ESPN. Rally of candlelight fans would have been scattered throughout America, from the ocean to the shining ocean.

Perhaps such a “fuss” was bad for hostage negotiations, but the lack of protest was why Britney had to go to an authoritarian and homosexual country to get paid in the first place. Tells everything about.

At the end of the shoot in China with Britney, I asked one last question.

“Which force do you choose, flying or invisible?”

What a ridiculous question! Obviously, basketball players choose a flight.

“Invisibility,” she said with confidence.

I frowned. But when I chased her through her gut at a Shanghai subway station, it made sense to her. In the outdoor market, countless people were pointing and staring. She gracefully posed to take pictures with the fans one after another. She must be tired of becoming a spectacle wherever she goes.

I didn’t use invisible moments in the movie, but lately I’m crazy about it. Like Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, her wishes seem to have come true, but in the form of a curse.

I wish she had chosen an airplane.

Enough silence. It’s time to make a fuss about Brittney Griner’s imprisonment | WNBA

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