Entrepreneur Chatejah George opens affordable, multifaceted Film Studio in Riverdale – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-07-20 13:26:08 –

Chatejah George has set up her own movie studio. (Photo courtesy of submitted)

Chatejah “Taj” George was wearing a red fire truck dress and it was appropriate to floss the bright scarlet locks frequently.

She launched four alarm flames in the southern suburbs of Atlanta using the multifaceted filmmaking business C & C Movie Film Studio.

Multi-hyphenation entrepreneurs have added movie studio owners to web series creators, clothing line designers, directors, producers, actresses, singers, and other titles of ambitious models.

23-year-old George has set up a studio in Riverdale, Georgia, killing two birds with a single stone. She can now easily finish the fourth season of her web series “Iesha” while providing a multi-layered platform for other independent filmmakers to create content.

Although it is in the early stages of obtaining a business license in January 2021, it is full of dynamism that music giants and Atlanta-based Rick Ross stop by in late June. ..

C & C Movie Film Studio has a lot of potential for content creators looking to make movies, shoot music videos, facilitate photography, and host podcasts. You can rent multiple rooms in the studio, including a sales office, clinic, pink changing room, classroom, chemistry lab, barber shop, dining room, hospital, and kitchen.

In addition, George changed the room at the request of the client, such as props to turn one room into a church, another room into a fundraising party, and another room from a dental office to a hospital room. Shown that they have the equipment and personnel to be able to replace it.

George’s own movie studio idea came about when she tried to enter the business as a model, singer, and rapper, but like a pretzel from countless scams, detours, and false promises from malicious types. It was twisted. Studios also offer an alternative when trying to go through the daunting and daunting process of ensuring a professional setting for a particular scene or photography.

“I can’t step into Grady and say,’Hey, can I use the room?'” George laughed with a smile. “I was also a filmmaker and needed a hospital, so I rented space to fill my stuff. I needed a prison. I needed a hairdresser. I needed this or that. Was, and you know, and I was just fed up with shooting outside. I was either outside or at home, but then it gets boring. “Exciting and imaginative It goes without saying that it is lacking.

C & C film studio barber shop set. (Photo provider: Terry Shropshire)

In addition, George said she is working on the construction of restaurants and bars set up in her studio and prison. The latter setting is the most popular background creative wants. And it can be done without the usual exorbitant fees.

“Why don’t I get myself and help other independent filmmakers by the time I add up all the money I’m spending at the filming location?” George said.

George is a businessman who is not just making a profit. She also sympathizes with young creatives who are not armed with Ludacris or TI’s deep pockets. Therefore, George decided to charge $ 100 per hour instead of the usual $ 300. This makes it easier for filmmakers and photographers doing strange jobs to fund their projects and events.

“I saw it when I was looking for space. It was very expensive,” George said. “I used to need space and didn’t have much room, so everyone wanted something like me.”

George is funding the fourth and final seasons of her popular “Yesha” series at the same time while collecting fees for rental space. The YouTube drama revolves around a privileged girl who is tempted by the temptation of the street to reach out to her like a toxic tentacle.

“It’s about a young girl dating a hooded guy and getting into a lot of trouble. She ends up robbing people. She’s put in jail. She ends up deceiving people,” said the family. George, who plays the protagonist involved in internal violence, substance and alcohol abuse, and other anxieties, said. “Basically you can ruin you just by dealing with the wrong person, and if you don’t leave him, he can really ruin your life in the end. “

George said he has already responded to a myriad of inquiries from other filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, cameramen and producers to produce and produce a variety of films in the future.

George’s dream of creating content such as Netflix and HBO + has already begun. Young creatives may jump right now or risk being left behind in George’s smoke.

The C & C Movie Film Studio is located at: 6561 Church St., Riverdale, GA 30274 To contact George and the studio Please call 770-310-3630.You can also Instagram @ ccmoviefilmstudio, Facebook: C and C Log on to Movie Film Studio and email: Also check out George’s personal IG page @chatejahgeorge.

Entrepreneur Chatejah George opens affordable, multifaceted Film Studio in Riverdale Source link Entrepreneur Chatejah George opens affordable, multifaceted Film Studio in Riverdale

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