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Tampa, Florida 2021-09-14 21:27:14 –

Lafayette, Colorado (KMGH)-Colorado entrepreneurs have created smart water sensors and apps to make sure their loved ones are okay.

“Adult children with older parents who are worried about living alone. That’s usually our customer,” said Marlo Vernon.

Marlo and her father, software developer Todd Vernon, have gathered to launch Care Penguin to detect water usage in the home.

“This is a way to see if someone is healthy and active, living their daily lives without being creepy and monitoring them like motion sensors and cameras,” Vernon said. Said.

The sensor connects to the hot water pipe of the water heater.

“It can detect mug rinsing, hand washing, face washing, showering, washing, etc.,” says Vernon.

Then connect to the app on your smartphone so that users can monitor the activity of their loved ones.

“If you’re lacking in activity, you’ll get an alert prompting you to check in and make sure everything is okay,” says Vernon.

This is an idea that began in her time at the University of Colorado at Boulder. When she graduated in May 2020, many older people were quarantined from their families in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. So she thought it was the perfect way to reassure everyone.

“I learned how big a problem this is,” Vernon said. “Similarly, how worried people are, how they call their loved ones every day to make sure they are still alive, and that’s in the conversation everyone wants. is not.”

This story was originally reported by Brian Sanders on TheDenverChannel.com.

Entrepreneur develops sensor to keep tabs on loved ones Source link Entrepreneur develops sensor to keep tabs on loved ones

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