Environmentalists support Biden’s move to tap oil reserves

Washington — Democrats and climate activists generally endorsed Of President Joe Biden decide Releases record 50 million barrels of oil Even if the move seems inconsistent with his long-term combat vision, from America’s strategic reserves Climate change..

U.S. actions announced on Tuesday include India, the United Kingdom, ChinaIs aimed at World energy market Help to lower Rised gasoline prices Over $ 1 per gallon since January. But it can also undermine Biden’s climate goals. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% By 2030.

However, some major climate change hawks said they were not interested in this move, as they see it as a short-term solution to address a particular problem.Democratic Senator Ed Marquee has focused on combat Climate change“We are taking effective steps to protect Americans from soaring oil prices,” Biden said, despite the government’s continued support for renewable energy.

“This is the purpose of the reserve, to protect the economy from the turmoil,” Marquee tweeted. “Profighters can’t remain unanswered, especially as big oils make billions of dollars and contribute to the climate crisis through exports.”

NS Strategic petroleum stockpiling Is an emergency stockpile to maintain access to oil in the event of a natural disaster, national security issue, or other event. Reserves maintained by the Department of Energy are stored in caves built in salt domes along the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana. The reserves are about 605 million barrels of oil.

Marquee and other Democrats urged Biden to release oil from reserves to ease consumer prices.There was also a voice calling for the president to return to work. Crude oil export ban lifted in 2015.. Biden has claimed US energy dominance and has not moved to re-impose export bans abolished by Congressional Republicans to promote domestic production.

Biden has the power under the law to declare an emergency and limit or suspend oil exports for up to a year, but is not expected to do so.

Kelly Sheehan, senior director of the Sierra Club’s energy campaign, welcomed Biden’s actions as a way to reduce the energy burden on Americans. However, the current rise in oil prices states that “the only way to truly achieve energy security is to move quickly from dangerous fossil fuels such as oil and gas, making clean energy more accessible to more people. That’s what she said, “reminded me.

Lonestockman, research director at Oil Change International, an environmental group focused on creating a “fossil-free future,” said Biden was only to counter Republican criticisms of high gasoline prices. He said he should have acted earlier.

“The president always has a high responsibility Gas price“Whether they have anything to do with it,” Stockman said, calling this measure a small step towards providing short-term bailouts to US consumers.

In a speech at the White House on Tuesday, Mr Biden said rising gas prices would require a move and would not divert his greater ambition to move towards energy independence.

“My effort to combat climate change is not to raise gas prices,” Biden said. “What it does is increase the availability of job building. Electric car Like what I drove … Detroit GM Factory last week. ””

Americans buying electric cars can save up to $ 1,000 on fuel costs this year, Biden said. battery And electric heat pump. Doing so will keep the economy and consumers vulnerable to this type of price hike. “

According to Biden, the White House is considering potential price cuts by oil companies that are costly and profitable while squeezing customers. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said US companies are keeping production below pre-pandemic levels to increase profits.

NS Coronavirus pandemic It has shaken the energy market. Demand collapsed and oil futures prices turned negative as the closure began in April 2020. Energy traders didn’t want to get caught up in unstorable crude oil. However, as the economy recovered, prices jumped to a seven-year high in October.

Republican Senator John Barrasso called for the use of Biden’s strategic stockpiles, called on OPEC and Russia to increase production, “a desperate attempt to deal with the disaster caused by Biden,” and US energy. There is no substitute for increased production.

Lukas Ross, climate and energy justice manager for another environmental group, Friends of the Earth, said that rising gas prices “literally require continued reliance on volatile compounds that cook the climate. That’s why. ” Social and environmental bills Approved as soon as possible.

NS $ 2 trillion billIncludes approximately $ 550 billion for climate change efforts, including proposals to boost wind and solar power and support, approved by the House of Representatives and pending in the Senate. Electric car.. Republicans unanimously oppose the bill.

Biden said the United States needs to break away from oil dependence. “Now is the moment to keep that promise urgently. Speed ​​violation The transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy grids, “said Cassie Gel, director of the Climate Law Institute at the Biodiversity Center of Biodiversity, another environmental group.

“Price volatility is always part of the Big Oil playbook,” she added. “Let’s completely break their binding on our economy.”

Environmentalists support Biden’s move to tap oil reserves

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