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Epidemiologist explains importance of herd immunity as Nevada vaccination rates lag behind – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-06-17 02:08:59 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — 8 News Now talks with local experts about the importance of herd immunity and the risk of community transmission, as Nevada’s COVID-19 vaccination rate lags behind many other states in the country. ..

Many who spoke to us on Wednesday said they still had mixed feelings about the deployment of the vaccine.

“If you think vaccination is dangerous,” said Las Vegan Benjamin Smith, who was vaccinated with COVID-19. “I think it’s also a risk not to get the vaccine.”

“I’m not saying I’ll never be vaccinated,” Ras Vegan Fonda Turner argued. “But as of today, I just want to sit and observe.”

However, due to the small number of Nevadans on the fence, the number of vaccinations is low.

On Wednesday, our state health department reported that 42.46% of people over the age of 12 were fully vaccinated.

This is well below places like New York and Vermont, which advertise at 70% to 80%.

“Even if many are vaccinated,” said infectious disease epidemiologist Brian Labus. “We can still gather a population of unvaccinated people, and that’s how the disease spreads.”

Labus told 8 News. Herd immunity cannot completely stop the disease, but it will curb the outbreak throughout the community.

“We can still see people get sick and die from this,” Labus added. “Even at these low transmission speeds.”

Labs called the vaccine the best bet for everyone for protection, and many Southern Nevadans are all for it.

“Why are they hesitating?” Smith said of unvaccinated people.

Conversely, others have said that each person’s choice is up to them, regardless of the decision.

“I think you have to look at the whole situation,” Tanner concludes. “Because everyone’s situation is very different.”

Labus told 8 News Now. The casino in the resort corridor reports that employee vaccination rates are around 90%.

He called this an important step in protecting our community from the transmission of tourists.

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