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The graphic testimony presented to the jury at Ghislaine Maxwell’s criminal sexual abuse trial last week is consistent with the broader theory of the nature of Jeffrey Epstein’s world (criminal, conspiracy, or both) and then detached. It seemed to be.

Whether prosecutors and lawyers succeeded in separating the criminal conspiracy from the conspiracy theory that pervades the entire Epstein-Maxwell story is how the criminal accusation against the 59-year-old former British celebrity will eventually be resolved. May decide.

For the prosecution, their proceeding against Maxwell separates the criminal accusations she faces from the broader conspiracy theory of wealth and power that envelops the dark legend of Epstein, a disgraceful financier and sex trafficker. is. For Maxwell’s defense, it may be his job to entangle Maxwell in the shadow of Epstein so much that the jury simply cannot find her guilty.

Both sides are fighting prejudices about wealth, power, privileges and gender. And they spin off to this trial, or perhaps any kind of conspiracy that doesn’t exist in reality except for political militants.

But when it comes to Epstein and the wild nets of the powerful people he was associated with, there is no easy way to escape the conspiracy theorists.

“Many people came to me with a barbaric conspiracy theory about the case,” said Lisa, a victim’s rights lawyer, outside the court in Manhattan, where the Q-Anon demonstration took place. Bloom said.

“Of course, the Q-Anon people are crazy-they think Democrats eat babies-they’re nuts, but 10 years ago Jeffrey Epstein There were Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and Prince Andrew on his plane. It turned out to be true. “

Classes also play a role. Her team, who showed early on how Maxwell’s lawyers were trying to join hands, found one of the first witnesses, Jane, where she lived on Palm Beach. And her gated community is “Country Club”.

The meaning was clear. The jury was asked to believe that “Jane” came from a better situation than she described, and is therefore more knowledgeable than shown.

“I don’t think there has ever been a case where witnesses were always consistent with their explanations,” said Wendy J. Murphy, a former Massachusetts prosecutor who teaches courses in sexual violence in New England Law Boston. Said. “In fact, I would be nervous if they were, because it’s a parent and I come across it as something devised.”

The credibility of witnesses is important, but Murphy adds: There is plenty of evidence and evidence that this company existed, so you don’t have to invest too much in the credibility of individual victims. “

But the question of how much of Epstein-Maxwell’s overall story is prominent for the jury and how too barbaric and unbelievable is likely to be a concern for prosecutors, Murphy said. increase.

“The jury’s job is to understand what they are listening to,” Murphy said. “But when talking about very unusual behavior at a very high level, most juries will be reluctant to think that influential people tend to do horrific things.

And it helps defend, Murphy says. “It’s very unpleasant to believe that it happened because 99% of juries have no way to identify the victim. They feel better for them about how the world works, so they’re rather reasonable. I want to find the suspicion. “

At the same time, she points out that sexual trafficking, the central theme of the accusations against Maxwell, is the accepted truth that has arisen in Epstein.

“The jury may think he was involved in a horrifying thing because he was involved with Epstein, who was found guilty of Maxwell’s death,” Murphy suggested, and Epstein might not have been prosecuted if he was alive. Her defense’s claim that it wasn’t elicited sympathy.

“No one cares,” Murphy points out.

Since the terrorist attacks and Diana’s death, there has been little talk in recent years. The Grand Duchess of Wales got as much conspiracy luggage as Jeffrey Epstein, his alleged enabler, and the people in their environment. The most notorious of them, promoted by his own family, was the murder of Epstein, who, as records suggest, did not succeed in a second suicide attempt in a poorly operated detention center. That is.

Even elected officials, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, said they didn’t understand how Epstein died of suicide in the face of multiple accusations of sexual abuse and trafficking at the time. “It’s too convenient,” said De Blasio. “There are too many pieces that occur at the same time and they don’t fit.”

However, although it is Maxwell, not Epstein, who is being tried, Maxwell consistently claims that she is being tried instead of the government bringing Epstein to the jury. “The charges against Ghislaine Maxwell are against what Jeffrey Epstein did, but she’s not Jeffrey Epstein,” Maxwell’s lawyer, Bobby Sternheim, said in the opening statement.

But the trial decides whether the government can begin to analyze the conspiracy it claims against Maxwell from the broader conspiracy theory around Epstein and his circle of bankers, politicians, scientists, and social figures. It’s difficult to do.

Stephan Lewandowski, a professor at the University of Bristol, who writes extensively about conspiracy theory, said that the subject of such thoughts is most often associated with the type of wealth and power that Epstein personalized, perhaps Maxwell hiding behind him. It states that it can be done.

“I can’t think of a celebrity or a conspiracy theory that doesn’t involve a celebrity, because no one cares about your grandmother or cousin in the future. No one has heard of it. Conspiracy theories about people aren’t very appealing. You need a celebrity as a placemarker, “he said.

And these are the times of conspiracy.

Last week, outside the courtroom, Q-Anon sympathizers revived the idea of ​​Pizzagate. This is an unfounded 2016 idea that Democrats around Clinton are abusing their children in a pizza parlor owned by Democratic fundraiser.

“It’s all reminiscent of an old conspiracy theory known as anti-Semitism,” says Lewandowsky. “Child abuse and sacrifice are, very often, partial political conspiracy theories.”

It is in Maxwell’s interest to bring Epstein to trial-and he cannot answer even the most eccentric claims about him and his circle.

Epstein’s Dark Legend Envelops Maxwell’s Trial in a Conspiracy Theory | US News

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