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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-10-07 17:05:16 –

The trial of a 47-year-old Waimea woman charged with the 2017 killing of a Waimea infant continued on Wednesday with testimony from the principal investigator and two doctors.

Chasity Alcosiba-McKenzie was indicted by a grand jury Kona in October 2019 in connection with the death of 3-year-old Fabian Garett-Garcia. She pleaded not guilty to a single accusation of a second murder punished by life imprisonment, which could be parole.

Alcosiba-McKenzie chose the bench trial. This means there is no jury, and Judge Wendy DeWeese of the Circuit Court decides her fate.

Dr. Joan Salvi, a doctor in the emergency room, the night the Queen’s North Hawaii Community Hospital Fabian was taken to a facility in Waimea by a doctor. Sarubbi testified that the toddler was unresponsive and had no heartbeat. She then declared him dead.

Salvi noticed bruises around his eyes, cheeks, chin, and neck. She also noticed bruises on her knees, arms and back.

“Inflicting multiple bruises on children is very worrisome when they come to the ER,” she told the court on Wednesday.

Detective Carrie Akina of the Hawaiian police then stood on the stand and talked about the first day of her investigation, including an interview with Arco Shiva Mackenzie and a video reenactment at Arco Shiva Mackenzie’s house.

Akina testified that Alcosiba-McKenzie’s story was consistent through multiple interviews, albeit with some differences in the timeline.

She says Arco Shiva Mackenzie played wildly with Garrett Garcia and his two-year-old brother, and the knee bruise was due to a fall during a supervised visit with his parents born the day before. Said it was.

Akina testified that she had collected vomit-stained shirts, blankets and sheets from her toddler.

Deputy lawyer James Greenberg asked Akina if Arco Shiva Mackenzie was cooperating in the investigation, and she answered “yes.”

Greenberg also noted that tissue samples taken during the Garett-Garcia autopsy were lost in the storage facility. The state did not challenge or cross-examine this issue.

The state then withdrew the proceedings, and DeWeese dismissed the defense’s motion to acquit Alcosiba-McKenzie.

Later, the defense referred a pediatrician from Waimea’s Paniolo Pediatrics and Family Medical Clinic. Doctors testified that Alcosiba-McKenzie had brought Garett-Garcia and her siblings to the clinic several times for medical examinations and other minor concerns. He said they always appeared for promises and never showed signs of abuse or negligence.

The trial continues today, with defense counsel Greenberg crossing expert witnesses on behalf of Arco Shiva Mackenzie. Alcosiba-McKenzie said he had not yet decided whether to stand in his defense.

The state claims that Garrett-Garcia died in the hands of Arco Shiva-Mackenzie.

Alcosiba-McKenzie reported that the infant fell off an 18-inch bench while wearing virtual reality glasses and showed no symptoms other than vomiting until he became unresponsive a few hours later. She thought he was coming down because she claimed that his sister had the flu before and had the same symptoms.

In August 2018, police arrested Alcosiba-McKenzie, a boy’s caregiver, on suspicion of a second attempted murder and later released him. The indictment was not formally filed until the October 2019 indictment, which stated that Arco Shiva Mackenzie had caused the death of Garrett Garcia intentionally or intentionally. The indictment came after a Honolulu medical inspector ruled the murder mansion a year after Garrett Garcia’s death.

Alcosiba-McKenzie has been exempt from supervised release since his arrest after prosecution.

Meanwhile, in April 2019, Garett-Garcia’s parents, Sheri-Ann Garett and Juben Garcia, filed illegal proceedings against the Department of State, Catholic Charities, and state-licensed caregivers such as Chasity Alcosiba-McKenzie and Clifton McKenzie. Death proceedings continue. A motion was extended to March to provide plaintiffs with additional time to file a pre-trial statement.

There is no trial date for civil proceedings.

The civil lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages, and Garett-Garcia’s parents Sheri-Ann Garett and Juben Garcia’s lawyer Jeffrey Foster have previously said they will be decided by a jury.

Clifton Mackenzie has not been charged with arrest or criminal charges in connection with the case and is merely a defendant in a civil proceeding.

ER doctor testifies in child murder case Source link ER doctor testifies in child murder case

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