Eric Adams refuses to attend the next New York Mayor’s debate

Brooklyn President Eric Adams, One of New York City’s leading candidates for the Democratic primary said Tuesday that it would not participate in the final debate before the early voting began. The debate aired on CBS New York on Thursday night. Will be streamed to CBSN New York.

Adams said he was with the family of a 10-year-old boy. Died in shooting last weekend At Far Rockaway in Queens. A 22-year veteran of the New York Police Department has put crime at the center of the campaign.

“I’m going rockaway with a family of 10-year-olds,” Adams told reporters Tuesday, dismissing criticism from a rival campaign that he was avoiding difficult questions. Wanted to have a debate. I wanted to enjoy discussing with the people on stage. But the people of the rock away, the people of the city-violence is choking our city. Now For many, they are unaware of it, but I am on this street every day. “

Adams told CBSN’s Tom Hansen when people said he was “avoiding” the debate, “I’ve been at the forefront of my entire 35-year career, to be clear.”

The debate on Thursday will take place just before the start of early voting on Saturday and two weeks before the June 22 primary election. The New York City Election Commission announced on Tuesday that more than 180,000 absentee ballots had been sent to voters.

New York Mayor Candidate Adams Campaign as Key Approach, in Queens
Brooklyn President Eric Adams, who is running for mayor of the Democratic Party, will appear in Flushing, Queens on June 8, 2021 to open a new election office in Queens, New York City.

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There have already been two official discussions with the top eight candidates, and another debate with the “key candidates” is scheduled for June 16th. Past debate Has mainly focused on Crime and crackdown. Ah Spectrum News New York 1 / Ipsos Poll Crime is the number one problem among voters, with 46% saying it is the main problem facing New York City, according to a survey released Monday. Affordable housing (45%), COVID-19 pandemic (32%), racism (25%), and gun control (20%) ranked in the top five.

The debate on Thursday night will be moderated by WCBS anchor Maurice DuBois and WCBS political reporter Marcia Kramer. Candidates to participate are Kathryn Garcia, Scott Stringer, Maya Wily and Andrew Yang.

The June primary will be New York City’s first city-wide election. Preference votingThe Election Commission has stated that due to the rules for returning absentee ballots, it may take until mid-July to determine which candidate won the election.

Eric Adams refuses to attend the next New York Mayor’s debate

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