Erika Jayne Responds to “RHOBH” Cast Laughing in Tom Girardi’s Story-Hollywood Life

Erika Jayne wasn’t interested in the September 15th episode of “RHOBH.” She talked about her estranged husband and son, especially after seeing her co-star laugh at a serious story.

Erika Jayne I was disappointed to see Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, And their husband is laughing at her “incredible” story about her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, In the episode on September 15th Beverly Hills real housewife..

“It was great to see this” Erica Tweet With a sad face emoji after a fan shared an image of a group laughing at her story. “Team Erica, but only on her face!” Said the fan.

In this week’s episode, it was shown that Kyle and Dorit share details of Erica’s latest claims about Tom with her husband. Mauricio Umansky When PK Kemsley..

At the beginning of the episode, Erica told Kyle that Tom’s house in Pasadena had been robbed, and Tom confronted the robbery before being sent to the hospital for his eye surgery. She also claimed that her son from a previous relationship drove to Pasadena’s house to check Tom, but on his way home, he drove through the snow and drove “five times.” I turned it over. Erica said both Tom and his son Tommy were “ok”.

when Mauricio and PK had the same story, They asked a question. “I suggest she has had a dominant marriage for 20 years and is still in control,” PK said. “Tom lied to Erica, and I think Erica followed.”

PK also raised some questions about another story Erica had previously told. There, she said Tom had been unconscious for 12 hours after the 2017 car accident. A few years ago she told the woman that Tom had just broken her ankle, but this season she said she had withheld some information, and the truth is Tom driving a car off a cliff. It means that I became unconscious.

“The car won’t roll and you won’t be unconscious for 12 hours,” PK said. Mauricio also said he believed that “there are lies everywhere.” And they all realized that it was strange that Erica allowed Tom to have ankle surgery, but not brain surgery.

“When the doctor came to you and said,’Your husband was injured, turned over, he was unconscious, we need surgery … who says no?’ Mauricio wondered. Doritt called Erica’s story a “bonker,” but she chose to believe her because they were friends.

But when PK began to enjoy Erica’s story, it didn’t stop her laughing. “He’s a lawyer, not a soccer player. He’s a 79-year-old lawyer! And his wife said,” Move your ankles, not your brain! “

Erika Jayne Responds to “RHOBH” Cast Laughing in Tom Girardi’s Story-Hollywood Life

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