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Erika Jayne is “attempting” to find a new man after splitting with Tom Girardi, she revealed in Part 1 of the “RHOBH” reunion on October 13.

when Beverly Hills real housewife The reunion began on October 13th. Erika Jayne She revealed amazing facts about her life and faced the viewer’s tough questions head-on.For example, after saying she confirmed that she looked “hot” and “single” for a reunion, the host Andy Cohen Asked about her love life and whether she has been dating since splitting up Tom Girardi..

“I’m trying [to date]”She admitted before asking Andy for” help. ” When asked what kind of man he was looking for, he said, “I have a big penis.” Yes, it is.

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“Really? Okay …” Andy replied, “I want some hot sex” before Erica added without shyness. Kyle Richards Jokingly, Erica welcomed it, saying that there would be “a lot of takers” after that comment. She said her DM was very “open”.

After that, Erica stayed mostly in the background while the other women dealt with each other’s problems. But in the last few minutes of this week’s episode, Andy began asking Erica at the end of her marriage. He asked her why she didn’t leave Tom after first learning that Tom was having an affair.And Erica said [just] Some of them. There’s a lot more there, and I told Tom, “If you’re in love with someone else, divorce me and go with her,” she said. He claimed to have said “nothing” in return.

Then Andy told Erica, he“The episode was over before she answered. I think it will take some time to get to the drama surrounding Erica, but it looks like real dirt will start coming out next week.

Do you want more drama?New episode Beverly Hills real housewife It will air on Tuesday at 8 pm on Bravo.

Erika Jayne Wants “Hot Sex” With “Big” Man — Summary – Hollywood Life

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