Erika Jayne, whose claims are emphasized by Sutton Struck, is acting on the basis of “RHOBH”

based on Midseason trailer A real housewife in Beverly Hills, Sutton Struck Not afraid to ask Erika Jayne Regarding her legal issues with her divorced husband Tom Girardi — And for inquiries See what happens with Andy Cohen An episode of Bravo hit after Wednesday, July 21st.

Andy Cohen Sutton, 49, asked if Erica, 50, agreed with the viewer’s opinion that she did not show “any kind of remorse.” Quite confusing Embezzlement funds from the author and Tom, 82, a family member of a plane crash victim.

“It’s very difficult because I now know what I didn’t know at the time, maybe I played it another way,” the designer admitted.

Sutton Struck and Erika Jayne. Charlie Sykes / Bravo; Shutterstock

Erica’s reaction to her divorce and subsequent legal issues became a hot topic as Season 11. RHOBH so, Camille glamor Call her Former co-star for her mascara tears in the July 14th episode.

“What do you think about Camille Glamor’s comment on Instagram that Erica’s mascara has never run?” Andy asked Sutton Wednesday. “This was doing a lot online.”

Sutton replied in front of the guest, “Well, I think there is a waterproof mascara there.” Liz Gillies When weighed Most talkative The author asked if women think about potential tears when doing eye makeup.

“I’m working, but I’m working and doing a soap opera, so I don’t know.” dynasty Said the actress. “I’ve only used waterproof mascara so far.”

A native Georgian species added, “I think that’s a good answer.”

Camille and Sutton are not the only ones questioning Erica’s credibility. Kim Archie, Former legal consultant of Girardi Keith, blame Performers performing Heather Mac Donald’■ “Juicy Scoop” podcast earlier this month.

“She likes big sunglasses. There is a scene posted by someone where she wears sunglasses. So she sits in bright sunlight with non-waterproof mascara, you know, just Sobbing, “Kim said. “The whole scene-and I saw it-did she take an acting class? I thought she was attending an art high school in Atlanta because no one had bought it. She needs to get her money back from every class, which means it was a terrible act. It was terrible. “

During the episode on Wednesday RHOBH, The cast learned that the judge had frozen Tom’s property in his bankruptcy and embezzlement allegations. Erica also elaborated on Tom’s health problems for the first time.. (((We In March, he reported that he had lost his legal license after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and was subsequently placed in the power of attorney. )

“What I was seeing, what I was experiencing, what I was hearing, I was right. Tom was changing, you know, this was over time. Someone can solve it. It’s difficult when you’re late to see, “Erica told Bravo Camera. “Tom’s only identity is to be a good lawyer. That’s all he wanted in life, and he prioritized it all over everything. In the last few years, he has I think he was holding it even tighter when he noticed it was declining. I think he was afraid. I think he was angry because he was as mean as fk. “

Erica later accused Tom of having an affair. After she found “evidence” on his phone, he claimed he did not deny it.

“I knew a lot because it was so hard to hide, and as you know, he was sloppy,” she told her co-star. When asked why he didn’t leave him early, Erica added: … he said straight to me, “This is my house.” Where are you heading “

Beverly Hills real housewife Bravo will air on Wednesday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Erika Jayne, whose claims are emphasized by Sutton Struck, is acting on the basis of “RHOBH”

Source link Erika Jayne, whose claims are emphasized by Sutton Struck, is acting on the basis of “RHOBH”

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