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Escaped horses lead motorists on I-70 chase near Eagle – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-07-25 13:11:53 –

By John Laconte, Vail Daily

Colorado Patrol Trooper Jacob Best encountered one of the most unique situations he’s seen in 15 years of work on Interstate 70 near Eagle Friday night.

The horse has escaped from the Eagle County Fairgrounds. There, the annual fair and rodeo ended the third night of the four-day event.

It is most often said that a temporary enclosure was built at the campsite just west of the trade fair. After knocking down a board that helped one horse in the enclosure contain the animals, another horse became anxious from the electric fence, urging a total of four horses to escape from the enclosure.

Entering the roundabout at the end of Fairgrounds Road, the horse enjoyed the rodeo and then followed the same route that everyone in the Denver region would take. They left the roundabout at the I-70 East on Ramp and went down the freeway.

“That’s the worst scenario for us,” Best said. “I have livestock on the interstate highway.”

Fortunately, the incident ended after about 20-30 minutes and the horse was taken to a waiting trailer. The responder may have encountered unlucky choices at the horse’s roundabout exit, but also encountered a lucky stroke along the way, and four horse trailers happened to be on the scene. ..

Fortunately, debris flow and debris flow closed the interstate highway at Glenwood Canyon, 13 miles away.

But Best also said he was even more lucky with the configuration of the driver who was using the I-70.

“Many people knew what was going on and put up with closing the roads and rounding up these horses before something bad happened,” he said.

“Who is riding those horses?”

DeDe Dickinson left the rodeo a little later than he had planned for Friday. As a “horse woman for 40 years”, she attends for animals rather than music, as she calls herself, but stays a little longer to enjoy some songs from the Buckford Pure Country Band. did.

When she left Fairgrounds Road east, her eyes tricked her, saying she thought she saw a horse with a rider in front of her.

“I go, who is riding their horse?” She said.

In addition to being a horse owner herself, she, as a real estate agent, knows most of the horses in the area.

“I know there’s no place to ride around here,” she thought as she saw the horse heading east on Fairgrounds Road. “But there’s this guy with a flasher behind him. Perhaps he’s escorting them somewhere.”

According to Dickinson, the vehicle eventually escorted the animal to a roundabout.

What she saw scared her when she arrived at the roundabout.

“They are standing at the roundabout,” Dickinson said. “There is no reticence, no bridal, no rider.

In another second, she came to a conclusion about what was happening in front of her.

“They are out of control,” she said.

She called 911. “For some reason, a man trying to escort them with the flasher on, actually started pushing them down the interstate,” she said while she was on the phone.

She said she was desperate for the 911 operator who said others had also called.

“He somehow doesn’t understand he’s pushing them, and he’s running them to the side of the interstate,” she told the operator.

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Escaped horses lead motorists on I-70 chase near Eagle Source link Escaped horses lead motorists on I-70 chase near Eagle

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