Esports is trying to encourage more women to compete

YOU WAIT, Get a rifle. The enemy will appear. You kill him and shout for joy.Welcome VALORANT, A popular video game that some people play professionally.This year VALORANT The Champions Tour, a series of contests ending next month, will offer a total prize pool of $ 1 million. 80 players are competing. All are men.

About 42% of gamers who watch esports (at least occasionally) are women, and women often comment on tournaments. But of the 300 most profitable esports players, not one is female. It’s not clear why women are at the top. Esports do not require physical fitness. But they need dedication, and the pool of enthusiastic female gamers is smaller than the pool of men.

In video games, girls may be less enthusiastic or doing better than boys on average. Indeed, young men tend to play such games longer than their sisters, which frustrates their parents, but is essential if they want to turn professional. Some women may find the culture incompatible. Amateur shooter gamers linked through headsets often shout obscene with each other on the screen. Some female gamers are hazy.

All women’s esports tournaments exist, but they are less competitive, less popular and less rewarding.All female VALORANT The September tournament offered € 20,000 ($ 23,000) in prize money. This isn’t too much, but it’s more than players could get elsewhere.

Some in the industry are trying to encourage more women to participate. G2 Berlin-based Esports recently announced the first all-female team in history. David Beckham’s Guild Franchise includes Guild X, a team of five women. Enjoy preparing for the same tournaments as male players and help them compete at a higher level. Captain Klaudia “Cinnamon” Beczkiewicz said: It is not yet known if it is enough to transform esports.

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Esports is trying to encourage more women to compete

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