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Essel World

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Essel World is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is primarily an amusement park which houses some very thrilling and joy filled rides. It is a favourite destination for children as well as adults to enjoy and play. Essel World houses another amusement park in it named Water Kingdom. As the name suggests Water Kingdom houses exciting water rides and is Mumbai’s oldest water park. Essel World along with Water Kingdom makes up the largest amusement park in the whole of Asia. The ones visiting this place includes both locals and non-locals. A major chunk of the tourist population also comes in here to explore the jolly rides housed in Essel World.

More about Essel World

Essel World is spread across an area of 64 acres. It is famous for its beautifully crafted landscape interiors. The entire amusement park is painted in vibrant colours. This property is very well maintained too. Essel World is not just limited to rides but opens up a plethora of options for the visitors to have fun.

Types of Rides at Essel World

Essel World is one amusement park which is famous all over India. The unique rides belonging to different genre are the main attractive feature of this place. In addition to this Water Kingdom is a welcome addition the fun rides housed in here. One can get both water rides as well as the perks of an amusement park when in here. This is one of the striking features of this place and a major factor for attracting huge crowds. There exits rides belonging to three categories in here namely amusement rides, horror rides and water rides.

Amusement rides are further segregated on the basis of age and height. There are rides for children, teenagers and adults exclusively. In total there exists 11 adventurous rides, 15 children rides and 14 rides designed for the entire family to enjoy together. So, one choose as per one’s likeness and have a memorable experience. Some amusement rides amongst this lot are super crazy and these are the ones capable of giving each and every rider an adrenaline rush.

Then comes the water rides. This part of Essel World has just water rides which includes water slides, wave pool, fountain, swimming pool, the lagoon, aqua play pool etc. Each and every water ride present in Essel World is a treat to one’s soul. The wave pool housed in here has clear blue water and is equipped with latest wave technology. It is also India’s biggest wave pool. The splashing waves of this artificial pool feels as good as the real one. The water park is also surrounded by lush green landscape which gives it a natural hint. Water Kingdom has theme based rides too and the lagoon is the best place in the entire amusement park to sit and relax. It is spread across 30, 000 square feet.

 The horror ride housed at Essel World is named ‘monster of the mist’ and is one of the craziest rides. It does complete justice to its spooky name. The ride lasts just 5 min but is enough to run a chill down one’s spine. It takes the rider through a dark misty and foggy lane. The audio played in the background increases the thrill a 100 times. Do not miss a chance to visit this spooky yet thrilling experience.

In addition to all this there also exist a skating rink, a bowling alley and Essel World dance floor for having some ultimate fun filled experiences.

A Tourist’s Guide

Essel World is at distance of 48 km from the centre of the city. It is open from 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday and from 10 am to 8 pm on weekends. Entry is ticketed here. There exists separate tickets for both Essel World and Water Kingdom and also combined ones. The best time to visit Essel World is between Junes to September. Visitors are not allowed to take food inside this property and if hungry one can grab a snack at the food stalls present inside this property. One has to come in handy with appropriate swimwear.

The nearest bus depot from here is Bhayander Bus depot. In addition to this one can also other public transport options to reach this place. The nearest railway head from here is Borivali Station. The nearest airport from here is Mumbai Domestic Airport which is at a distance of 41 km from here. One can easily find accommodation options nearby.

Essel World is a wonderful destination for freeing oneself from one’s busy life. One can drop in here with friends as well as family to enjoy the abundant rides, picnic, take pictures etc. This place is also an ideal destination for carrying out photo shoots too. Tourists when on a visit to the city of Mumbai make a point to visit this famous amusement park. It’s a fun place to relax and is full of merriment all around.

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