EU and Poland clash over funding and rule of law

Demonstrators are raising the flags of the European Union and Poland during the demonstration.

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EU and Polish officials clashed over a recent court ruling on Tuesday, publicizing a fierce disagreement over the rule of law and the basic principles of the political and economic union.

Earlier this month Polish Supreme Court ruled Part of EU law is in direct conflict with its own constitution. In essence, it challenges the foundations of the European Union in unprecedented ways.

This happens when the EU as a whole is engaged in a soul-seeking movement over serious energy crises, trade conflicts, defense and security policies.

“we, [Polish] “Unfortunately the situation is getting worse,” Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, told the European Parliament on Tuesday.

Von der Leyen, who needs to decide what action to take, said he was “deeply concerned” about the situation in Poland.

Polish Prime Minister Mateus Moraviecki did not retreat. In a speech to the same European Parliament shortly after von der Leyen, his country “will not be threatened,” according to Reuters. He added that the best law in his country is its constitution.

We must protect the Union budget from violations of the rule of law.

Ursula von de Araien

President of the European Commission

The European Union was built on the principle of following a common rulebook, even if Member States have final say in some policy areas. This means, for example, that EU countries are free to decide on their fiscal policies, but are supposed to have public debt and deficits in line with EU regulations.

“We cannot and do not allow our common values ​​to be compromised. The Commission will act,” said Fonde Araien. The Commission can now legally challenge the decision of the Polish High Court. Alternatively, you can impose a fine.

“We must protect the union budget from violations of the rule of law,” she added.

Poland will receive coronavirus Approximately 30 billion euros ($ 34 billion) worth of EU recovery funds to address the effects of the pandemic. This money is unlikely to be paid immediately with the current bad blood.


Questions about Poland’s commitment to the EU have resurfaced following a court ruling.

France’s European minister, Clément Beaune, said earlier this month that the decision from Poland was “very serious” and increased the risk of possible withdrawal from the block.

However, the Polish people mainly support the EU. Eighty-seven percent of citizens said in November that their country should remain an EU member state. According to one poll..

Conservative law and a government led by the Justice Party said they want EU member states to be in a “both-sided” situation. In a broader sense, there are concerns about how this court ruling will affect us.

Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Oban said he upheld the decision of the Polish court. The country is also in conflict with the European Commission on the rule of law.

EU and Poland clash over funding and rule of law

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