EU feeds livestock and people with insects

NSIRST IT WAS Pets and fish. Now poultry and pigs. The list of animals that are allowed to feed on insects is EU A law permitting the use of insect proteins in poultry and pig feed came into force earlier this month. This is an important milestone for industries enthusiastic about entering the animal feed business.

Soybeans and fishmeal have been the basis of European animal feeds since the 2001 ban on processed animal proteins following the crisis of “mad cow disease”. However, their production requires a lot of space and can be harmful to the environment, so feed manufacturers are looking for alternatives.

Insects are just tickets. They are bred in a vertical farm that requires little land or water and can supply agricultural by-products and food waste such as rotten fruits and vegetables. They are also a natural fit. Most wild fish, birds and pigs eat insects.

One thing that opposes them is the price: insect proteins are 2-3 times more expensive than fishmeal and many times more expensive than soybeans. Increasing production may help reduce inequality. Rabobank, a Dutch lender, predicts that global insect production will reach 500,000 tonnes per year by 2030, up from the current 10,000 tonnes, and prices will fall.

Insect companies have been working hard to market them. Studies show that insects are more than just food, they can boost growth and the immune system and fill the stomach. They also provide a view of green topical proteins.

Poultry and pig feed is by far the largest animal feed market, but more competitive than pet and fish feed. That’s why Anthoine Hubert says, CEO The insect protein of Ÿnsect, a company of mealworms (beetle larvae), is probably initially used only in high-grade meat.

This year, the European Food Safety Authority has determined that three types of insects (yellow mealworms, locusts and crickets) are also safe for humans. Oddly enough, people seem less enthusiastic about ideas than chickens and pigs.

This article was published in the printed European section under the heading “The Life of Bugs”.

EU feeds livestock and people with insects

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