EU von der Leyen urges gradual lifting of the coronavirus blockade

Ursula von der Reyen, President of the European Commission.

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London — According to the President of the European Commission, the European government needs to gradually lift the blockade of the coronavirus and other social restrictions to prevent a third wave of infection.

Europe has been working on a second surge in Covid-19 infections since September, which has reintroduced blockades in certain countries and tightened regulations across the region.

Despite the slowdown in cases in some countries these days, the numbers are still high and have yet to show clear signs of the coat of arms. Meanwhile, Europeans are wondering if they can get together with their families during the holidays.

On Thursday evening, EU Ursula von der Reyen said, “We have to manage our expectations.”

“From our summer experience, we all find it very difficult to exit from the waves, in this case the exit from the first wave, and the effects of lifting measures are too urgent to have a very negative impact on the epidemiological situation. I learned what I’m giving in summer and autumn. “

Belgian health experts said the significant increase in infections in late September and October came after the government relaxed many of its previous restrictions, such as reopening schools in the new semester and returning people to work. Explains.

At a virtual press conference, Von der Leyen “proposed a gradual and collaborative approach to lifting containment measures, which will be very important to avoid the risk of yet another wave. “.

As of Thursday, more than 11 million Covid-19 infections have occurred in Europe (including the EU, UK and other countries), according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. France, Spain and Italy continue to be the top three EU member states with the highest infections. The Czech Republic, Austria, Luxembourg and Slovenia have the highest cumulative 14-day cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Von der Leyen’s comment comes after positive news about the development of the Covid-19 vaccine. Both Pfizer and BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have shown high efficacy rates, and the European Commission expects them to be approved by the second half of December.

EU leaders have also begun to consider which parts of the population should be vaccinated first.

Spain’s chief financial officer, Nadia Calbino, told CNBC’s Karen Tsuo at a panel event Thursday that vaccines will not be available to everyone immediately.

“We need to decide which group should be vaccinated first to get the most impact,” she added.

But they also have to deal with the problem that many citizens may be against vaccination. In this regard, Fonde Araien also said the EU would launch an information campaign.

EU von der Leyen urges gradual lifting of the coronavirus blockade

Source link EU von der Leyen urges gradual lifting of the coronavirus blockade

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