Euclid High School football fight – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-08 16:51:46 –

Euclid, Ohio (WJW) – A Euclid Police officers were injured after police responded to several fights and firing calls that were fired following a Friday night football game.

“One of the games of the week, the Friday night game that everyone should have enjoyed, was completely confusing,” said Scott Meyer, Euclid Police Chief. “One officer could have a fairly serious hand injury and require surgery.”

The FOX 8 camera captured a video of one of several battles that took place inside the stadium. The video shows a policeman picking up a woman who is actively fighting and throwing it on the ground.

After a few seconds, you can see the woman jumping up and fighting. She did not report any injuries.

Officers also had to use pepper spray to help disperse the crowd.

“We had to send the entire shift to the football and parking lots,” Meyer said. “There was also a police officer who was working as a school guard. I brought in additional police officers and had to call for mutual aid from Wycliffe, Willowwick and Richmond Heights.”

Police also responded to reports of carjacking attempts at the parking lot. The chief said the two bullets were on fire, but no one was injured. He said the officer was able to get the gun back.

“It was a very crowded area, and we are very lucky that no one was injured in the shooting,” Meyer said.

School officials said they were making the following changes:

  • Students must purchase pre-sale tickets and student ticket sales are restricted.
  • Home and visiting students must have an ID to participate in the game. Only students from participating schools can enter.
  • Elementary and junior high school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the game.
  • Physical tickets / cash cannot be sold at the main gate.All tickets must be purchased online..
  • Visiting students who have purchased a pre-sale ticket must only enter the Northeast Gate.
  • Home students who have purchased a pre-sale ticket must only enter the Northwest Gate.

The district also issued the following statement:

“During the Friday night match vs. Cleveland Heights High School, we experienced multiple confusions by people who came to the match with the wrong intentions. As the game approached half-time, two people near the kiosk. A battle has begun between students. Unfortunately, as a result of student behavior that disappoints the district, police needed to disperse the crowd with a chisel spray. Our management staff worked with the Euclidean police. Then I closed the shop and the toilet on the school side and asked the patrons to stay in their seats.

“”Take these steps to encourage people who weren’t there to leave the game and control the flow of crowds leaving the game to prevent further confusion. These measures have largely succeeded in alleviating other physical conflicts for the balance of the event.

Guns were fired into the stadium / high school parking lot after the crowd almost dissipated. Weapons have been recovered and no injuries have been reported. Police are investigating the case further. The district thanked police officers from Euclid and other communities for their support and professionalism throughout the evening.

“”It’s a pity that the turmoil leaked around after the match. In the next few days, a thorough investigation will be completed to support the operation of the high school by appropriately and fairly influencing the students who were at the center of this turmoil. We will also publish information on upcoming guidelines for attending games and other district-sponsored events. These guidelines may include restrictions on EHS student attendance with pre-sale tickets, parental participation for students to attend, and other options to consider with the leadership team.“”

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