Eugene OR protest against SCOTUS Roe v Wade overturn ends with fights, pepperballs, 10 arrests – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2022-06-25 14:01:31 –

KOIN, Oregon — Ten people were arrested on Friday night in a so-called “night of anger” protest in Eugene following a US Supreme Court ruling. Overturn the Landmark Roe v. Wade Incident According to police, the incident.

Eugene’s anxiety began as a rally near the Pregnancy Center and ended with the arrest of 10 people, most of whom were chaotic. Mobilized downtown PortlandEventually, it will be integrated into a huge group of about 1,500 people.

Portland police told KOIN 6 News that there were no arrests related to the protests in downtown.

However, protests near Eugene’s Dove Medical used LRAD speakers and eventually saw a fierce reaction from local law enforcement agencies by police seeking help from the Department of Homeland Security.

Eugene police said in a press release on Saturday that they blocked the ferry street bridge, threw smoke grenades at police officers, did not obey orders, and became “very noisy and verbal and hostile” after the first. Arrested saying that the group was urged to use force.

However, it is unclear whether law enforcement agencies have declared riots.

The conflict escalated as an unspecified number of people fought officers on the street and police fired pepperballs at the crowd. It ended with the arrest of 10 people between the ages of 18 and 29.

How the night unfolded

Around 9:20 pm, police said a group of black-clad protesters Dub MedicalAccording to its website, is a faith-based pregnancy center that does not offer or introduce abortion services.

As the crowd grew due to a protest that police said was advertised as “night of anger” on social media, the group began to move towards the clinic, and Eugene police mobile-enabled team officers built in the car and on foot. Is said to have blocked. The crowd grew and eventually the protesters stood on East 11th Avenue, blocking the road.

According to the EPD, some people picked up rocks and “some started wearing gas masks,” one woman pumped a chemical atomizer. Authorities do not state that chemicals were sprayed or rocks were thrown.

According to the EPD, the group has grown to about 75 people, and police have spoken out that they are facing the crime of chaotic behavior. The warning did not discourage the group, and police reportedly threw smoke grenades and told police that they had filled the water bottle.

EPD called the crisis negotiation team and used a truck with an LRAD. The LRAD is a powerful calling device that is sometimes used to disperse groups with very loud sounds. Police said it was necessary to be able to hear their warnings in the noise of the crowd.

Police said they began arresting those who were on the road, and after the first one, the situation escalated. According to the EPD, members of the crowd were allegedly trying to break the police line by saying that they were “very noisy and verbal hostile” to police officers.

A Federal Investigator from the Department of Homeland Security and a backup from the nearby Springfield Police Station were called in. At some point, the crowd moved to the Ferry Street Bridge. Police explained that the ferry street bridge is an “essential route” for the first responders to a local hospital.

Further arrested, police said some people fought them on the street. Those people were not identified. In response, the EPD fired a non-lethal “pepper ball” at the crowd and eventually melted. Police said the non-lethal ammunition did not contain chemicals and police officers aimed at people’s feet.

A total of 10 people were arrested, nine of whom were charged with chaotic behavior and one with harassment. Eugene’s Orion Deschamps, 20, was charged with resisting three escapes and arrests.

According to police, some police officers were slightly injured.

KOIN 6 News is working to learn more.

Eugene OR protest against SCOTUS Roe v Wade overturn ends with fights, pepperballs, 10 arrests Source link Eugene OR protest against SCOTUS Roe v Wade overturn ends with fights, pepperballs, 10 arrests

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