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Eunice Police lieutenant sues, alleging misconduct, corruption in department | Courts – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-06-07 14:30:00 –

The Eunice Police Adjutant and the Louisiana ACLU have filed a federal proceeding against the police chief, police employee, and the city of Eunice. Funds.

Lieutenant Michael Dan, a civil servant, also alleges a violation of the Whistleblower Act. He tried to quit Dan, as police chief Randy Fontenot removed him from the drug team and dog department, cut his salary, and launched an unfair investigation into the local, state, He claims to have retaliated for reporting fraud to federal authorities. Dan’s police job.

He claims that Fonteno has selectively enforced the law, “protecting friends, family and political allies from criminal accusations and blinding to the misconduct of lucrative officers.”

Dunn further claims that Fontenot uses departmental disciplinary procedures for employees who do not comply with his orders.

The proceedings are the second federal proceedings filed by Dan against Fonteno and the city of Eunice. The first was submitted in 2020 and is pending. In it, Dan claimed that Fontenot had improperly taken leave after posting a warning to his neighbor on Facebook about suspicion of gangster activity and shooting in a rental hall opposite his home. Yes.

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After working at the Eunice police station for nearly a decade, Dan “feels that the system he believed in was broken and proceeded to warn authorities of police misconduct,” in a news release issued Monday. I told you.

Dan reported concerns and realized that Fontenot couldn’t keep silent, then Fonteno and other police officers retaliated against Dan, reducing Dan’s working hours and compensation, and telling departments and communities about him. He spreads lies and claims to have misused the criminal accusation. He claims that Dan has bribed him.

The proceedings allege that Dan was threatened with physical harm and was subject to unfounded disciplinary action to force him to resign.

Dan claims that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution violates the right to speak of public interest, state whistleblower decree, and the State Constitution. He seeks defamation, civil conspiracy, false privacy infringement, injunctive relief from the imposition of intentional mental distress, and correction of policy failures in the Eunice police.

Eunice Police lieutenant sues, alleging misconduct, corruption in department | Courts Source link Eunice Police lieutenant sues, alleging misconduct, corruption in department | Courts

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