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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-12-03 21:57:41 –

The recently evacuated Heaven West Conidium building has a long record in the city of Warkisha. The engineering report that ultimately considered it unsafe to occupy the tower was neither random nor the first.The city of Wokisha said in a news release on Friday that it has been aware of the problems the building has been facing for over a year.

In June 2020, the city of Waukesha received complaints about the condition of the balconies of the Waukesha Mansion and ordered residents to avoid using the balconies until it was determined to be safe to use. In addition, the city ordered the owners to carry out an engineering analysis and provide it to the city.

According to authorities, additional inspections were conducted by the city of Wokisha between 2020 and 2021 as building owners sought to find a contractor to fix the problem.

In September 2021, the condition of the balcony deteriorated, and debris that had fallen from the balcony fell, so it was ordered to install a fence around the building.

In October, the condominium began removing balconies, revealing defects in the building’s structural frames and columns. This resulted in additional inspections by the fire department and the city’s third-party independent structural engineers.

On Tuesday, November 30, a preliminary structural report by an independent structural engineer revealed a defect in the load-bearing structure of the building. At this time, the city began to discuss what the next steps would be.

After additional visits and analysis from the city, a construction engineer and an independent structural engineer at Horizon Condominium. Steve Howard, chief of the Warkisha Fire Department, has made a management decision to activate the Emergency Operations Center and has begun to oversee the evacuation of 65 residents. Twenty-three rooms were provided for temporary housing by the Salvation Army.

On Friday morning, the city met to develop a plan to provide immediate support and support to stabilize the structure and avoid imminent collapse of the structure. At this time, it is unclear if and when the building will reopen, and plans are currently being developed to retrieve the resident’s belongings from the building.

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