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Portland, Oregon 2021-01-17 00:31:43 –

Reconstruction efforts of a woman swept away by a landslide continue

Aftermath of a landslide near Dodson, Oregon, January 13, 2021. (MCSO)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — The Sheriff’s Office in Multnomah County said Saturday evening evacuation was no longer necessary after rain caused multiple landslides in the area earlier in the week.

In addition, one eastward lane of the I-84 remains closed with an MP35. Recovery and debris removal is expected to continue “indefinitely”.

Evacuation is no longer necessary, but recovery work is underway, according to preliminary reports from engineers hired by Multnomah County to assess the southern hillsides of Dodson.

Approximately 25 households were urged to evacuate early Wednesday, January 13, after heavy rains caused multiple landslides and debris flows within and near the community. A local resident, Jennifer Moore, was washed away on her way home by car after a debris flow near the intersection of the Northeast Road and Exit I-84 of Ainsworth State Park. In that case, restoration work will continue, officials said.

On Wednesday, state geologists jumped over the area to record landslides and surrounding areas for a better understanding of geography and geology. The southern hillside of Dodson was destroyed by an Eagle Creek fire in 2017.

Due to concerns about hillside instability, evacuation advisories continued to be implemented for several days after the landslide. Recent assessments have shown that there is no imminent threat or high likelihood of a second debris flow at this location. However, geologists have stated that living in this area of ​​the Columbia River Gorge has its own risks, and the risk of debris flow there should be considered higher than the nominal level.

Reports from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management will be open to the public as soon as they are finalized. MCSEM is also planning a meeting for the local population of the community, and officials also thanked their patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Restoration work was supported by many local agencies, including Clackamas County Security Office, Oregon Police, Lake Oswego Fire Department, Portland Fire Rescue Team, Gresham Fire Department, Cascade Rocks Fire Department, Corbett Fire Department, and Oregon Transport Department. It was.

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Evacuations lifted in Dodson after landslide, recovery efforts continue Source link Evacuations lifted in Dodson after landslide, recovery efforts continue

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