Even for Boris Johnson, this was a bridge too far away.Rowan Moore

NSInvited to design a kitchen extension for the couple, the architect spent the night with them discussing their (conflicting) needs and aspirations for work. Finally, he gave them this valuable advice. “You don’t need a kitchen,” he said, “you need a divorce.”

This story brings us the following announcement: Boris Johnson’s idea of ​​building a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland At £ 335 billion, it will be incredibly expensive. Such was widely suspected as soon as the plan was announced, especially given that it had to cross the 300m-deep Beaufort embankment, which was filled with up to 1 million tonnes of dropped ammunition.But it needed the government Feasibility study By the team “World-famous technical advisor” After all, we conclude that the bear is shit in the woods.

Taxpayers may save 12 digits if the therapist can help the prime minister explore his urge to impose heavy industry on vast bodies of water. (See: Thames Garden Bridge, Emirates Airlines Cable Car, “Boris Island” Airport). More clearly Northern Ireland Solving border problems offers many benefits over structures that will be completed decades later, but like couples and their kitchens, it’s better to imagine construction than to sort out difficult relationships. it’s simple.

Gifts to keep drinking

Sagrada Familia Star: “Really repulsive”. Photo: Thiago Prudencio / DAX / ZUMA Press Wire / REX / Shutterstock

Imagine you were given a truly repulsive Christmas decoration, a solidified ectoplasmic sculpture, and a grainy finish like that from a seaside gift shop.There is a big pointed thing on the top Stars shining in the dark It goes awkward with others. Then imagine you had to live with it forever, 365 days a year. And it was over 140m high. This is the fate of the citizens of Barcelona who must watch the endless rise of the Sagrada Familia church 139 years after construction began. Of course, it’s a famous project of the famous architect Antonio Gaudi, but it resembles his spirit only in the realm of parody. It is paid to insult the injuries with the help of tax exemptions on the huge income that the church earns from tourists. So you also have to pay for the gift.

Best spats with neighbors

Tate modern viewing platform
Tate Modern Viewing Platform: Access all areas. Photo: Victoria Jones / PA

This week, the Fearn v Tate Gallery case reached the Supreme Court. Here, about the fact that some residents of a luxurious glass-enclosed apartment called Neo Bankside can see their living room at the viewing gallery above the Tate Modern Brabatonic Building. I’m complaining. Their claim was undermined by the fact that when Neobankside was designed, built and sold, it was never a secret that Tate wanted to build a large public building next to Neobankside development. There seems to be. In that case, you might think that something other than a glass wall might have been a good idea. Normal window, maybe? But then developers and homeowners would have been denied a panoramic view that would add value.

With the High Court Court of Appeals Rejecting the inhabitants’ claims, it went to the Supreme Court of Land. So what’s happening is that a few real estate owners with the resources to hire expensive lawyers maximize the dignity of the UK legal system against very popular public institutions. I’m trying. , The value of the property also increases. Apparently you would have thought it would be easier to put up a curtain, except that their debt clause prohibits this. Maybe they can use their legal muscles to organize it.

Rowan Moore is an observer’s architectural correspondent

Even for Boris Johnson, this was a bridge too far away.Rowan Moore

Source link Even for Boris Johnson, this was a bridge too far away.Rowan Moore

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