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Ever wanted to watch a Buffalo Run? Now’s your (digital) chance – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2020-09-24 18:07:16 –

Big bois. // Courtesy the park

The 55th annual Buffalo Roundup will take place at Custer State Park in South Dakota. Starting at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, viewers can tune-in here to watch over 1,300 bison gallop with glee as they stampede through the 71,000-acre park.

Cowboys and cowgirls will saddle up next to them as they guide them down the majestic bison down the hills and into the corrals, where the herd will be counted and given health checks. The ground will rumble as the herd runs through the park.

The Roundup is a part of Custer State Park’s management plan to maintain a healthy balance between the number of bison and the available rangeland forage. The park can only keep a certain number of bison, based on the condition of the grassland and how much food is available. It also allows for some of the animals to be sorted out of the herd, where they are then sold at an auction in November.

When it’s not Roundup time, bison can be found roaming freely throughout the park. They often wander around the 18-mile Wildlife Loop Road in the southern section of the park.

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