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More than 100 individuals gathered on Friday to commemorate the procession and alerts to commemorate Kern County Sheriff’s deputy Philip Campus, who was killed in the shootings on Sunday.

A swelling American flag was hung behind a truck in front of the Chuy’s restaurant on the Rosedale Highway. About 50 people flocked around a camouflage military-grade 7-ton truck wearing a T-shirt displaying the Campus badge number: 1392.

Rylee Lopeteguy started the night by singing the national anthem. Many took off their hats and bowed in honor. Tears spilled on the spectator’s face.

Adrian Medina, a friend and attendee of Campus’ family, remembered that Campus played roller hockey with his son in the same league.

“It was a shock when I heard about it,” Medina said. “They were a great family. They are really conservative, loyal and American.

Medina advertised Bakersfield’s ability to unite in times of difficulty and tragedy.

“Bakersfield has always been a loving community,” said Medina. “I think it’s very important for us to show our commitment to law enforcement.”

The prayer session followed the melodious rendition of Lopetagai’s “Star-Spangled Banner.” Benediction urged individuals to put their trust in God’s hands when a tragic situation struck the community.

Military-grade trucks, such as the 5-ton M936, ran down the streets of Baker’s Field to the sheriff’s office. Passersby honked, demonstrating solidarity with the driver.

The alert began with a prayer from Rev. Rick Gildes. Patrick Champion, chairman of The Thin Line Foundation and vigilance coordinator, said Campas had influenced everyone he knew.

“Everyone knew who the Vice Campus was and everyone loved him,” said the champion.

More than 100 people gathered in front of the sheriff’s office. Many placed roses in front of the sheriff’s monument and had both blue and yellow candles to illuminate the night.

Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh said he was proud of the community’s ability to gather around the Campus family.

“We are here to celebrate that life and that person’s life … in addition to his good work,” Go said.

Marine Corps veteran Perry Finsel, representative of Kevin McCarthy’s office, remembered Campus and thanked residents for the support of law enforcement agencies.

“We never leave our brother behind, and you never leave this brother behind,” Finzel said.

Lisa Kendrick, a member of Giving Back the Badge, said her mind was overwhelmed by the sacrifice of Vice Campus.

Jeremy Storar, head of the Kern Law Enforcement Association, emphasized Campas’ sacrifice and held back tears.

“We respond to the call to go out and risk our lives, knowing that we may not come back to our loved ones,” Strah said. “He died, but he did so as a hero (as) and saved someone’s life that day. He made the ultimate sacrifice — it left a big hole in our hearts. increase.”

Gildes closed his guard by leading another prayer.

Patrick Champion, chairman of the Thinline Foundation, said all-nighters would usher in a healing process for dying individuals.

“You can work with a group of other people who are experiencing the same feelings and feelings to make sure you’re not alone in what you’re feeling,” said the champion.

The champion said the united front of the death community proved the existence of transpartisanism.

“To be able to set aside politics, realize that this is a horrific event that happened, and get together and try to heal … it’s a really great city,” said the champion.

Former SWAT commander Jonathan Cobbs said he felt obliged to pay homage to fellow law enforcement officers.

“I hope people understand the risks these officers take daily to protect the citizens of Bakersfield, and the sacrifices they and their families make,” Cobbs said.

Wasco city council member Tiro Cortez said his community was mourning the death of Campus because of the tragedy in Wasco.

“We are as hurt as everyone else,” Cortez said. “We stand with them and are in a sad situation with them.”

41-year-old Jose Manuel Ramirez Jr., suspected of shooting on Sunday, has his partner Viviana (42) and his two sons Angel (17) and Jose Manuel III (24). I shot and killed him. The eldest son and two daughters.

According to Cortez, the orphans were provided with two-car road clothing, backpacks, blankets, and more, with a great deal of support from the residents.

“The best part of it is that no one wanted recognition from it,” Cortez said.

‘Everyone knows who Deputy Campas was’: Procession, vigil honor his sacrifice | News Source link ‘Everyone knows who Deputy Campas was’: Procession, vigil honor his sacrifice | News

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