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Bobby Brown One of the most innovative songwriters in history.From the beginning of your career with the new edition to the Grammy Award-winning solo work Billboard A hit, he is very influential with hits such as “Every Little Step” and “My Prerogative”.

Although Bobby has been a huge success in his musical career, his personal life has attracted a lot of media attention, including his relationships and his marriage to late R & B legends. Whitney Houston.. Their personal issues, such as material use and battery claims, were talked about. When the singer of “I Will Always Love You” died in 2012, Bobby was clearly saddened by her death.

Throughout his life, Bobby has been the father of seven children and various women. Find here everything you need to know about all his kids.

Landon Brown

Bobby had his eldest son, Landon, when he was a teenager. (Rachelworth / Wen / Mega)

Bobby had an eldest son Descent, 35, in 1986 Melika Williams Payne. Bobby and Melika broke up when Landon was young. When Landon was born, she was only 17 years old as a singer.Landon was opened in an interview about growing up around his famous dad and his wonderful experience. VladTV.. “He always picked me up and took me all over the world,” he said, while admitting that he emulates his dad as a singer and dancer.

Landon seems to have started his musical career, following in the footsteps of his dad.He released his debut single “Also” 2021. He has also reached out to the film industry and is working on several different projects.He worked in the sound department of a short film in 2018 Nightmare pills Like the assistant who oversees the 2011 shorts postscriptAround IMDb..

La Princia brown

La Princia mourns the death of her sister, Bobbi Kristina, in court in a tort against Bobby’s boyfriend. (David Goldman / AP / Shutterstock)

Throughout the 1980s, Bobby Kim Ward. She gave birth to the singer’s eldest daughter La Princia, 33, 1989. It’s not clear what Lapricia is doing to make her living, but she sometimes takes pictures of herself (including pictures of her father and her siblings) spending time with her family. ) Is posted to her. Instagram..She also wrote about her life experience on her blog Save Prince, But she hasn’t shared any new posts since 2018. She explained that she was trying to inspire others with her own writing. “After years of barely mentally and emotionally, I’m trying to save myself by sharing my life and the passion of life. Writing, cooking, music, movies, DIY. Through projects, etc., I thankfully found the will to endure and prosper. I want to build a life where I can share my passion, build confidence, and engage with others in the process. I’m thinking, “she explained on the About page of her blog.

La’Princia married a podcaster in August 2021 Edelay. She has a lot cute picture From wedding day to lovely family photos to Instagram, right after tying a knot.

Bobby Brown Jr.

Bobby Junior died sadly in 2020 from an overdose of drugs. (Matt Sails / AP / Shutterstock)

Kim gave birth to a pair of sons Bobby Brown Jr. Bobby Junior was born shortly after his father proposed to Whitney Houston. Bobby Junior was really an ambitious musician who took over his dad. Unfortunately, the singer’s son died in November 2020 at the age of 28. His death was found to be due to an accidental overdose after mixing alcohol, cocaine and fentanyl.After learning of an accidental overdose, Bobby The epidemic of addiction To TMZ.. “This epidemic is out of control and those who supply this deadly drug must be responsible for the death and destruction it causes,” he said.

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi and Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, died sadly in 2015 after being in a coma for six months. (Donald Traill / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

After his relationship with Kim ended, Bobby married Whitney in 1992. Throughout their marriage, singers who “want to dance with someone” suffered multiple miscarriages, including one when they developed in 1992. body guardAround Vanity Fair, Another one in 1994 Associated Press..Despite her personal tragedy, Whitney gave birth to her only daughter Bobbi Kristina Bobby shared his mother’s love for music and played on some of her songs, offering vocals and occasional spoken parts, including 1998’s “My Love Is Your Love.” .. After her mother died in 2012, Bobby played a small role on television and began her acting career. Good or bad..

Bobby fell into a coma at the age of 22 in 2015 after being found lying prone in the bathtub and fell into lobar pneumonia six months later. She was found to have taken the drug before being found in her tub.Bobby talked about the death of his daughter, and he shared what he then suspected her boyfriend Nick Gordon May have had a hand With her passage. Nick died in 2020 from an overdose of heroin.Five years after Bobby’s death, her dad Touch the tribute to her. “There’s no way I can explain what you feel so missed. Every day when Dad loves you, you stay in my heart,” he wrote on Instagram.

Cassius Brown

Bobby gently poses with his youngest child, Cassius. (MediaPunch / Shutterstock)

After separating from Whitney in 2007, Bobby began a relationship with Alicia Eseedge. The pair welcomed their eldest son Cassius, 12, 2009. Cassius is still young, but he already seems to be a natural performer.His mom regularly posts pictures of young men on social media, and in March 2022 she His photo In front of the comedy club, he praised his “natural ability” and said he “killed it.”

Bodhi Jameson Rain Brown

Bobby walks the red carpet with his daughter Bodhi on the performance of “Dear Mama”. (Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

After Cassius was born, Bobby and Alicia tied a knot in 2012 and have been married ever since.The pair had an eldest daughter Bodhi, 6, 2015.Like her brother, Alicia posts regularly Photo Of a family who goes out and participates in fun activities with Bodhi.

Hendrix Ester Sheva Brown

Bobby and Alicia pose with three children. (Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

Immediately after the bodhi, Bobby and Alicia had a third child and the youngest daughter of a singer. Hendrix, 5, 2016. Like her two older siblings, Alicia shares all the fun Hendrix has with her family.I’m watching one of the family’s favorite combined experiences Masked singer As Bobby revealed, every week HollywoodLife so Exclusive interview In April 2021.My kid, me, and my wife sit every Wednesday and we’re watching Masked singer“It’s part of our Wednesday night TV time,” he said. “I felt that being one of the dressed people could surprise the kids.”

Everything about his 7 kids – Hollywood Life

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