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George Stephanopoulos and Aliwentworth have been married since 2001 and have lived together for quite some time. Find out about some of their families and some of the most memorable moments they have spent here.

George Stephanopoulos, 60, and Ali Wentworth, 56 is one of the most exciting celebrity couples in the world! NS Good morning, America The host and actress have been married for nearly 20 years, and their connection seems to be stronger than ever. With their successful career and loving family, they lived a fairly turbulent life together and often talked about their love and admiration for each other in interviews. Ali, who is also a comedian, acknowledges her husband’s personality and her ability to “laugh at herself” is one of his best things in 2018.

“He’s my heterosexual. He’s not funny in itself, but I can make fun of him and he can laugh at it,” she told the parade. “He can laugh at himself. There is no end to making fun of him and he loves it. That’s great. If I had a husband who said” stop “, I would I wouldn’t have married him. No. George can laugh at funny things and fall out of bed. “

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How did George and Ali meet?

George Stephanopoulos and Ariwentworth got married just seven months after they met on a blind date. (Shutterstock)

George and Ali met on a blind date in April 2001 and got engaged just two months later. By November of the same year, they had been caught in the Archdiocese Cathedral of Holy Trinity on the Upper East Side of New York City. Ali often shares a photo full of two PDAs on social media with a sweet caption about how much she loves him, and George faints her the same month they walked down the aisle. I publicly acknowledged that I did.

“Did you go out on a date and know that the first 15 minutes are autopilot?” He said. NS New York Times About their direct connection In November 2001. In about 15 minutes, she just leaned forward and said something, and we were suddenly in another place, another universe. We fell in love from strangers to friends and in a few days. “

George and Ali have two children

George and Ali share their two children together.their Eldest daughter Elliott Anastasia Born in September 2002, we welcomed our second daughter Harper Andrea June 2005. Doting parents often attack their children in public, and Ali shares on Instagram some social media photos of their greatest moments, such as prom nights and graduation.

“Older guys who look like George, she’s more serious, but she likes to laugh. Unfortunately, the younger ones are becoming me. She looks like me. She’s so It’s interesting, “Ali told the parade cheeky about her and George’s daughters. “I’m the kind of parent you can say you’re straightened like your exam, and I’m [absently] Like “Oh, that’s great.” When the youngest Harper says something really interesting, bake a cake and put in candles. I am very excited. The problem is that it’s instinct. I can’t teach anyone anything interesting. She has it a little, it’s great. “

Ali was interviewed by George at “Good Morning America”

Ali Wentworth, daughters
Ali Wentworth poses with her and George’s daughters. (Shutterstock)

In one appearance, Ali talks about how different she and George are, and how it helps their marriage when she sits with her husband and his co-anchor at a popular talk show. bottom. She remembered an encounter that showed how they deal with things, and of course added a bit of humor to it.

“We were flying to Nantucket and there was a thunderstorm. We all thought we would die. I was trying to calm everyone behind the plane but you sink very fast When I say, “We’re going to die!”Then “we are good, we are good” and I just look at him [George’s] She explained at the 2018 show. “So I threw a pen behind his head, but nothing happened. And I noticed he was meditating! Like” Where’s your life jacket? ” It was a feeling. And he was meditating! “

“And we are here today!” George cheerfully chimed. “And you are so Zen and we are here today.”

He once appeared in her comedy, just as Ali appeared in George’s show. Nightcap, In 2016, and played himself.

A book about the life of ants’ love

George Stephanopoulos, Ariwentoworth
George Stephanopoulos and Ariwentworth smile at each other in a sweet moment. (Shutterstock)

Ask Ali: Half-hearted advice (and free lemonade) Released in 2018, she touched on her personal feelings about living with George. She also took it easy with their sexual life.

“The lowest moment for me is when it’s time for a fateful question.” How often do you and your husband have sex? “She wrote in her memoirs. “I lost my friend on this question.” She went on to insist that when she asked how active her sexual life with George was, her friend reacted strongly to her.

“The women gasp and scream, as I confessed that I shot the dog,” she joked. “One of them always slams his fist on the table. The woman’s wine glass was once broken by her hand. Sorry! We’re hot with each other. Yes!”

They faced the coronavirus together

Ali was first virus-positive in April 2020, and after being quarantined for 16 days, George sweetly played the song “Survival.” Destiny’s Child When she finally left the room and went down the stairs, she applauded. A thank-you wife, whose caregiver is her husband, said in a video of the moment you can see above, “Thank you for your health. It was a cruel and frightening time. But I am one of the lucky ones.”

A few weeks after Ali’s diagnosis, George also tested positive, but revealed that he had no severe symptoms. “I had no fever, no chills, no headaches, no coughs, no shortness of breath,” he said. “I feel good.”

Everything about their marriage – Hollywood Life

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