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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young How you once sangOur home“Has two cats in the yard. Insanity How”Our homeWas “in the middle of our city”. now, Harry Styles Invited fans to his house with his new album, Harry’s House, Released on May 20th. They found 13 new songs, including a mysterious track called “Matilda”. Harry hasn’t revealed the identity of the mysterious Matilda, but he’s open about why he wrote the tragic track.

Harry confirmed that this song wasn’t about himself, but about someone else’s experience. “By knowing [that person] Better yet, they revealed some things like “it’s not normal,” Harry explained. “And for many, I think that what you know in experience is everything you know. Therefore, in this particular case, you misunderstand it as normal behavior. I tend to. “

The lyrics of a song are about recognizing that something is not “normal” and getting the right kind of help for it. However, when the title character was named Matilda, it was inspired by the characters in Roald Dahl’s book. “It’s like how I imagine Matilda as an adult,” Harry admitted. “I played it to a few friends, and they all cried.” One Harry did no He said it’s the people involved who play the song, but when he hears it, he’ll know they’re about them.

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Matilda said, “You can have a party full of people you know, you can’t invite your family, because they’ve never shown love to you,” “you’re okay with it. Talk about pain, but you know you feel like a piece dead in you. “Harry also said in the bridge,” as long as you can let go of them. I know they won’t hurt you anymore. “

In the album, Harry said earlier Zane Lowe upon Apple Music 1I thought, “I really enjoyed making an album called’Harry’s House'” and thought it was such a small one. And then I went back to saying, “Maybe it’s an album I’ll make in 4 or 5 years or something.” And when I started making the album, I realized it wasn’t a geographical location. It’s more internal. “

“And I think my favorite on this album is that it was made with very the same intent while it was so different. Good quality,“Harry added. “I think it felt like a first album, but I don’t think it was a super commercial album. And I think there was something going on with the tour. People came and danced and had a good time. I felt, “Well, you just want me to make what I want to make.”

Harry also made his mature sound Billie EilishPopularity. Harry, who also experienced fame at a young age when she exploded, realized that he was no longer the hottest young teen Starlet in the limelight-and it was okay. “She’s much younger than me and it doesn’t make sense for me to do this. How can I get it back …” She broke the spell completely for me in a way that I’m so grateful for. “Harry said. “It’s probably weird because I’ve never told her that, but for me it just lets me go.”

So far, so good. Good quality It was a commercial smash.The album debuted on top of the United States Billboard 200 and 2022, RIAA Triple platinum certification.. Critically, Good quality It was generally well received and was the most highly rated album by former One Direction members at the time. Harry also won his first Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance for “Watermelon Sugar.”

Harry’s House Apparently that trend continues. Rolling stone Giving the album 4/5, Harry “did a clever trick to make his music not only elegant and sophisticated, but also warm and intimate. Steely Dan With generosity Al green Also Yo La Tengo record. ” American songwriter Repeating that high evaluation, Harry’s House Is “Undoubtedly Groovy” and the album is “Thankfully, a summer fringe that seems to last for quite some time.”

Everything he said about the meaning of the song – Hollywood Life

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