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Miles Teller When he was a car accident passenger, he was a 20-year-old college student with a fairly serious facial injury. When his face healed, Miles left scars on his face and neck. Since the 2007 crash, Miles has publicly talked about the scars on his face and how it affected him.

Why is Miles Teller’s face hurt?

In 2007, Miles was in the passenger seat of a car his friend was driving during a horrific accident. “My buddy lost control of my car at 80 mph,” Miles said. ABC In 2016. “We flipped eight times. I was kicked out of the window. The car landed and I was unknowingly lying bloody, just 50 feet from the car. I My buddy thought I was dead. “Miles was between his sophomore and third year college when the accident happened. He and his friends went home from the music festival, and when Miles jumped out of the window, the car jumped over three lanes.

Miles Teller
Miles Teller at the “Top Gun: Maverick” photocall. (Matte Baron / Shutterstock)

Fifteen years later, Miles still has scratches on his face and two gravel on his cheeks. Doctors were worried that it would cause more scarring, so they chose not to remove the rock. For about three years after the accident, Miles had to undergo laser treatment to reduce some of her scars.He described his experience as “extremely painful” in an interview with Esquire..

There was a car accident in Florida and there was another passenger in the back seat. Both the driver and the passengers in the back seats were fine. “Everything was fine except my face,” Miles admitted. Parents In addition to the scar on his face, Miles had a broken wrist and had to put 20 staples on his shoulder after the crash.

Miles Teller’s 2007 car accident

In the aftermath of the crash, Miles said it was difficult for him to book a movie role because of the power that his character had a scar on his face that was considered “meaningless”. Told.But the director John Cameron Mitchell Through the scars, Miles could be booked for his breakout role Rabbit burrow In 2010. “[He] It was like,’I love you [the scars].. It tells a secret, “Miles revealed.

Miles Teller
Miles Teller of “Top Gun: Maverick”. (Scott Garfield / Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection)

Meanwhile, Miles’ relationship with his college friends at New York University was also affected by the crash. His friend who was driving the car was his third grade roommate.Miles to play the leading role in the future Top Gun: Maverick Movie together Tom cruiseHe insisted he never blame his friends for what happened. But in the months following the accident, tensions arose between them when Miles sued his friend’s insurance company.

“I had accumulated all these medical costs, so I had to sue his insurance because he was driving,” Miles said. Esquire interview. “We’re not suing him. We’re suing his insurance. He came to me and said,” Miles, I don’t know if I can be friends when my parents’ premiums go up. “. I sat with it for just 24 hours, and then I was like,’Man, [expletive] you. I have never made you feel this bad.It’s really because you make me feel guilty and make me feel like you’re a victim here [expletive] Up. “Miles said his other companions lived with his friends from the accident, which caused him to lose contact with all his friends from college.

Today’s Miles Teller

After being cast in the 2010s Rabbit burrow, However, Miles continued his successful film career with films such as: Whiplash, divergence, wardogs More about his resume. He also started dating his current wife, Kerei Sperry,2013.pair Married September 2019.

Miles Teller
Miles Teller at the 2016 “War Dogs” premiere. (Matte Baron / Shutterstock)

In December 2016, Miles was actually involved in another horrific car accident with Kerei. The incident occurred when a Uber driver turned left unsafely and collided with a Miles truck that was driving with Kerei in the passenger seat. The truck turned over, but fortunately both Miles and Kerei were okay. “Me and [Keleigh] It’s okay, I hope other passengers do the same, “Miles tweeted at the time. “A terrible accident was inevitable as another driver was drawn into an oncoming vehicle. This woman’s irrational and ignorant decision put our lives and her passengers were in very real danger. I’m happy to be able to leave. “

Everything you need to know about his face and the accident – ​​Hollywood Life

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