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Kelly Rowland isn’t immediately facing the “dilemma” of love-she has been happily married to Tim Witherspoon for some time. Here’s a scoop on how their love has come.

This is a rare case of “art that imitates life.” Kelly Rowland 2021 Lifetime Original Holiday Movie Star Merry Riddle Christmas Baby, Third entry Riddle series. First came in the 2019s Merry Riddle ChristmasKelly’s character, Jackie Riddle, was first introduced to the world. In the 2020s Merry Riddle Christmas Wedding, Jacquie and Tyler (Thomas Cadlot) Despite all the madness from “her noisy family” and “snooty wedding planner”, she tried to achieve the perfect wedding. Now, Merry Riddle Christmas Baby, Jacquie and Tyler are preparing for the arrival of new members of the family.

It ’s a story close to her and Kelly ’s heart. she My husband had a new baby in early 2021. Kelly – Fame and success as a solo singer Destiny’s Child, And as an actress – married happily Tim Witherspoon.. But who is this guy who calls Kelly a better half of him? And how did their own magical love story begin?

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When did Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon first meet?

Little is known when Kelly and Tim first met, Los Angeles Times They said they started dating in 2011. It is known that it was a love at first sight for Tim. “He said he knew [he was in love] By the first date, “Kelly said. ABC News While advertising in 2017 Love by the 10th.. “I knew the third date. I was like,” Oh, what a hell! ” I was nervous — to be honest — I was, so this feels like my husband. “

One of the reasons they knew? Incredible chemistry – and respect. “I and my husband see each other equally, and we love each other and, above all, respect each other. We have created our own rules,” she said. “It’s really working.”

What does Tim Witherspoon do for life?

Tim tends to be out of the limelight, so there are few facts about him. Tim was reportedly a producer and manager, working professionally with Kelly before taking his relationship with Kelly to a new level. Tim’s surname is also a source of confusion. Because there are past reports listing him as follows: Tim Witherspoon.. NS Instagram account His name, which seems to belong to him, is listed as “Tim Spoon”.

When did Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon get engaged?


Not surprisingly, Tim didn’t waste a lot of time getting down on his bent knees for Kelly, as they fell head-on to each other. “He put a ring on it,” Kelly said during the December 2013 episode. Queen Latifah Show.. “It’s been a long time. To be completely honest, I’ve kept it very low for years.” She showed off her new jewelery and pondered how Tim suggested it. Unlike some suggestions, including an elaborate exhibition of roses and other logistical projects, Tim kept it simple.

“He first asked me on Skype,” Kelly said. atmosphere.. She was in Bulgaria at that time, and it took me a while to register what he said. “And I was like,’We are far from each other.’ But it was very late. To be honest, I remember staring at each other. And he told me. I asked, and it was very easy to say yes. I thought, “I was able to survive my life with my best friend.” He is really my best friend. “

When did Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon get married?

Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon got married on May 9, 2014. The two had a wedding at their destination in Costa Rica. Contains guest list Beyonce When Solange, according to We are weekly. The ceremony was very intimate and reportedly only 30 people saw the two tie a knot.

Curiously, Kelly’s wedding took place shortly after a fierce confrontation with Solange. JAY-Z At the Met Gala after party at The Standard High Line in Manhattan.

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In May 2020, Kelly shared how she and Tim maintained their marriage sparks. “When it comes to sex, I’m.” Well, if you have to dress up and role-play, Honey, tonight you’ll be Alicia, if you need to surprise at midnight, then something. That should happen.We spice things up a bit and keep it fun, “she said. Man.. “When we met, we enjoyed. Two years from now, we will enjoy. If you have it close to you, it will always be itself in your relationship. I think I can show you. “

Do Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon have kids?

Tim and Kelly have two children. The two have their first child, Titan Jewel, November 4, 2014. “Today we are excited to announce that we are the proud parents of our eldest son,” they said in a statement. Billboard.. “We congratulate you on reporting that everyone is healthy and happy!”

Couple wWelcomed their second child 2021. “21st, 21st, 21st century, Noah John Weather Spoon.. Greetings!We are really grateful, “Kelly captioned. January 30, 2021 Instagram post.. In the photo, Titan greeted his brother with a big smile.

Kelly Announced second pregnancy In an amazing way: by debuting a baby bump on the cover Female health During October. “We were talking loosely about it, and then COVID happened, and we were just like … Let’s see what happens,” she said. She hesitated a bit to make such a bold declaration, but eventually decided “as a way to remind people that life is important.” I’m knocking on a door in my 40s in February. Taking care of myself makes a lot of sense to me. “

Everything You Need to Know About Tim Witherspoon – Hollywood Life

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