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Patrick Mahomes is the older brother of Jackson, Mia and Zoe. Here’s what you need to know about the Kansas City Chiefs football quarterback brothers:

Kansas City Chiefs Football quarterback Patrick Mahomes Stick by his family. Video featuring his brother in September Jackson pour it up Heckler fan water Following the Chiefs’ defeat against Baltimore Ravens, it quickly spread by word of mouth. When asked about it at a press conference a few days later, the 26-year-old athlete had the back of his 21-year-old brother. Explain that it was not included in the clip What was said to his brother and his fiancée Brittany Matthews..

“Obviously, that’s something we don’t necessarily want to do,” Patrick told reporters. “He and Brittany sometimes saw nothing in the clip, but I mean he’s good at it by not trying to respond to such things. He It takes a lot, and he’s usually pretty good at it, and he learns from it and tries to get away from those people as much as possible. “Supporting big brother!

Patrick is also my sister’s half-parent Mia Randall, 10, and Zoe Mahomes, Estimated to be about 6.After the athlete’s parents Patrick Mahomes Senior When Randy Martin Separated in 2006, they both welcomed their daughter along with other partners. So who are the quarterback brothers? Here’s everything you need to know about Jackson, Mia, and Zoe.

Jackson Mahomes

Jackson is Patrick’s only brother. Born May 15, 2000 to Patrick Mahomes Senior and Randy Martin, the 21-year-old woman, like most Gen Z, is an internet personality known for him. Ticktaku video. Not surprisingly here, much of the background of his video takes place in his brother’s football game, and the repetitive content is a dance video. With over 988,000 followers, that seems to be what people want. He is also a college student and is on a different path than his brothers. According to a recent introduction, Jackson is studying marketing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. YouTube The video he shared. Much younger and not an athlete like his brother, it’s interesting to note that Jackson stands above Patrick.

Mia Randall

Born July 12, 2011, Mia is one of Patrick’s half-sisters. Mama Randy welcomed her a few years after parting with her husband Pat Solitano. Proud mom regularly shares small Mia snapshots on her Instagram, including her snapshots. First day of 5th grade In August. Don’t be surprised if a 10-year-old decides to follow in the footsteps of an athlete’s brother. Mia also seems to be a fan of soccer.Her mom recently shared her video Throw old pig skin At the stadium.In addition, Mia Great athlete certificateProve that the apple is not too far from the sibling tree. In addition to soccer, Mia also plays soccer and tennis.

Zoe Mahomes

Finally, Zoe is one of Patrick’s two sister-in-laws. His dad welcomed his ex-partner and Zoe sometime in 2015. Like her family, Zoe is familiar with sports. 6 years old is a soccer player. She is also a miniature basketball enthusiast, as evidenced on her Instagram. Zoe and Patrick’s father were professional baseball players who played in the Major League Baseball from 1992 to 2003, so it’s no wonder that love for sports is a recurring theme for the entire Mahomes family. Throughout his career, Pat Solitano has been Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Everything you need to know – Hollywood Life

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