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Miley Cyrus may be Billy Ray’s most famous kid, but country singer is a proud dad for the other five kids. Here’s everything you need to know about the other kids of the star, including up-and-coming artist Noah.

Billy Ray Cyrus Is a multi-platinum selling country singer who is revered for his iconic Bora and hits including “Akey Breaky Heart”, but for his kids he’s just a dad. Perhaps you have heard of some of them.Country star, 60, share Miley, 28, Noah, 21, and Brayson, 27, with his longtime wife tissue, He got married in 1993.He is also a stepfather trace, 32, and Brandy, 34, Trish share with ex-husband Baxter Neil Kherson.. Billy Ray also shares another son, Christopher Cody, 29, with a former girlfriend Christine Lucky, Make Country Star a father of six.

Billy Ray while on the red carpet at the 2015 Country Music Awards with her daughter Brandy Erupted about his “creative” children When asked what he is most proud of about his children. “I’m happy they’re happy and I’m proud of doing what they love,” he said. E! news. “All kids are creative. They love to write, sing and act, and that’s all they see when they’re happy.” Everything you need to know about country star “creative” kids!

Miley Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus and her daughter Miley (NEIL HALL / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock)

Miley probably doesn’t need to be introduced, but there is something simple anyway. Billy Ray shares singers, songwriters and actresses with his wife Tissue.She became prominent in her role Miley Stewart / Hannah Montana At Sitcom on Disney Channel in 2006 Hannah MontanaFollowed the life of a young teen who lived a double life as a global pop star.Billy Ray starred on the other side of his daughter as her television dad Lobby Stewart Throughout the series and subsequent films. When the popular series ended in 2011, Miley went into music and movies and released the following albums: Untamed, breakout, younger than now, When Bangers..She has appeared in the following movies Last song, LOL, When Very confidential.. Her career is now more focused on music than on film and television.Miley has released her latest album Plastic Hearts In November 2020. The star was busy with the festival headlining and soon touring.

Noah Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus and Noah Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter Noah (Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

Billy Ray shares her daughter Noah with Tissue. Like her sister, Noah is a singer, songwriter, and actress.She spoke out the characters from the Disney Channel series Emperor’s new school And that Miyazaki Hayao movie Ponyo.. Recently, Noah has grown her up-and-coming music career. She debuted her first single “Make Me (Cry)” in 2016 and has released more radio hits ever since. She has released three EPs (Good cry, the end of everything, When People do not change) And one album (NC-17).Nova also collaborates with prominent musicians, including: Leon Bridges When labyrinth.. Noah was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2020.

Trace Cyrus

Traces of Billy Ray Cyrus and his son
Billy Ray Cyrus and Son Trace (Stewart Cook / Shutterstock)

Billy Ray is the stepfather of Trace with Tissue’s son. Like his sister, he is a musician. Most notably, he was a vocalist and guitarist for the pop-rock band Metro Station.The band is also composed Mason Musso, Blake Healy, Anthony Improgo, When Kenny BožicWas known for the songs “Shake It”, “She Likes Girls” and “Seventeen Forever”. In 2017, Trace went solo with his career and released a song called “Lights Out”. Since then, musicians have released music.This year, Trace released a new EP with the title Kill the pain In July.Along with his music career, Trace previously made headlines about his relationship with the actress. Brenda Song.. Many years of couples were also engaged. They split together in 2012, seven years later.

Brayson Cyrus

Billy Ray and Brayson Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus and Son Brezon (Lich Fury / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

Billy Ray shares his son Brezon with his wife Tissue. Not surprisingly here, like his brother, he is creative. More specifically, he is an actor and a musician.He appeared in the movie Heels He has appeared in some of his sister Miley’s concert films. Miley Cyrus: Live in O2 When Miley Cyrus: Bangers Tour. Recently, his focus has been on his music career. Brayson has released several songs such as “Glass Between Us”, “I’ll Never Leave You”, “Heart is Gold” and “Across the Great Plains”. In 2019 he married a longtime partner Stella McBride.. The happy couple welcomed their first child together in June of this year. Bear Chance Cyrus.. The singer releases his debut album Javelina In October 2021.Brezon has been busy lately Live performance In different parts of Nashville.

Brandy Glen

Billy Ray and Brandi Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter Brandy (Jim Smir / Shutterstock)

Billy Ray is the stepfather of Tissue and his daughter Brandy. Like her brother, she is an actress and a singer. But her creative resume is a little different from the musician’s brothers and sisters. She is also a DJ, TV host, podcaster and writer.She is a co-host of Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquest In Bravo, a reality interior design series with her mother’s tissue. Brandi also co-sponsors two podcasts: What you like When single Alum Wells Adams When Sorry we are stoned With mama tissue.She also runs a fashion lifestyle website Style native..

Christopher Cody Cyrus

Billy Ray welcomed his son Christopher Cody with his ex-girlfriend Christine. A country singer rarely talks about him — a little obscuring the details about one of his three sons. But he doesn’t seem to be much different from his brothers and sisters.Christopher Cody SoundCloud account, He is listed as a singer and guitarist in the musical acts Slack Tide, SOÜP, Cyrus & Wingate. Released songs include “Surf Break,” “Alive,” and “Start It Over Again.”According to him IMDb pageChristopher composed music for the 2014 movie Emotions.

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