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Ex-Cajun safety Deuce Wallace relishes free agent opportunity with New Orleans Saints | UL Ragin’ Cajuns – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-05-14 19:41:00 –

The truth is former St. Thomas More, and UL football’s prominent Deuce Wallace didn’t have an easy way to reach his football goals.

He was a Ragin’Cajuns walk-on, eventually gaining a starting position and being appointed team captain before leaving the program.

On Thursday, Wallace began the next step in trying to beat the odds of his football career by signing a free agent deal with New Orleans Saints.

“It definitely made it very cool,” Wallace said of signing a franchise in his home state. “This is an opportunity with the organization I grew up in. I was able to witness them win the Super Bowl, and I knew there was a Super Bowl in this building, something like that. Adds to that. I want to bring something to the team that can bring me back to that point. “

Wallace started a mini camp with the saints on Thursday, and he loves every minute of experience.

“It’s definitely like camping,” Wallace said. “It’s football 7-7, non-stop. That’s exactly what I wanted. That’s exactly what I was looking for – football 24-7 … a full day’s work.”

Wallace was signed as safe-his college position-but “I also go to every unit of the special team.”

Former high school running backs of £ 5-10, £ 207 are just enjoying the opportunity. It’s something he never knew he would ever get.

After completing his college career with Cajun following the 2019 season, the pre-NFL Draft Pro Day was canceled nationwide due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Sure, the NFL draft was done, but for prospects like Wallace, the opportunities for undrafted free agents weren’t the same.

“I’m sure I had a chance last year, but I would have needed a professional day,” Wallace said. “I was one of the low radar guys who needed it. Some didn’t need it, but professional days were invaluable to someone like me.

“It was definitely what I was counting on.”

The maturity and determination needed to give him the role of team captain as a senior at UL was tested by the negative impact of the pandemic on his football future.

“It was definitely hard,” Wallace said. “I remembered that I was human. I definitely felt the feeling of it. I was very exhausted and very sad … just grieved. We played the full season I trained very hard for one opportunity to introduce 32 organizations. Show off your talents and that opportunity will be wiped out. It was hard. What is it now? ” “

Wallace acknowledges the family’s achievements in keeping his head up in the rough moments.

“I really have to thank my parents (Don and Alisa) for keeping my hope and saying that I need to be prepared,” Wallace said. That’s all they kept saying, “I don’t know what’s going to happen, so get ready.” “

Not surprisingly, his agent continued to use the phone in anticipation of that one big opportunity.

“My agent worked very hard to send my movie and get in touch with the team,” Wallace said. “I had the idea that it would eventually be picked up. I didn’t really know, but it was actually still in football mode. I’m trying to recreate the fall camp and everything. I didn’t know, so I was just trying to keep it in the best shape.

“The more information we have about the league, the more we find that we don’t know when to call.”

Wallace was really happy to hear their advice when UL Operations Director Troy Wingerter called him for his second Pro Day opportunity this spring.

“I think it was really the beginning when the coach (UL Operations Director Troy) Wingerter hit us about welcoming a professional day.” OK This is my second shot. This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for, “he said.

On May 5, the saints contacted him and now he is practicing soccer in his home state in black and gold uniforms.

“I’m going to give everything here,” Wallace said. “They brought me in because they believed in what I could do, so my goal is to do just that.”

Ex-Cajun safety Deuce Wallace relishes free agent opportunity with New Orleans Saints | UL Ragin’ Cajuns Source link Ex-Cajun safety Deuce Wallace relishes free agent opportunity with New Orleans Saints | UL Ragin’ Cajuns

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