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Ex-Dojo Pizza Owner Loses Appeal in Sex Crime Case – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-06-11 16:17:00 –

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  • The judge found that Loren Copp, the former owner of Dojo Pizza, had abused multiple girls over the years.

Former Dojo Pizza Owner Lauren Copp, Convicted of child pornography, but lost his appeal.

Copp claimed his conviction was unjustified because he was not allowed to show a photo of his penis during the 2018 trial. A former karate teacher claimed that there was a bruise that did not match the sitting photo of a sex crime found on his computer. Except for the actual photo, he said he could have had his former selmate testify about the bruise.

Judge Audrey Freisig of the US District Court dismissed both requests during the trail. In the opinion released today, three judges from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals endorsed Fleissig. They said they noticed that the photos were years old by the time of the trial and that the new photos prove nothing.

The judge also found that the new photo, or testimony from his compatriots, would have been of no use to him anyway, as other evidence against the former karate teacher was “overwhelming.” Did.

Until his arrest in 2015, Copp lived with several teenage girls in a converted church in the Bebo district. A former minister, he ran the site as a pizzeria, school, and community center, teaching karate and hosting events. The girls took care of the cups when they had nowhere else to go. Often, parents were fighting addiction or spending time.

His young victim testified during a tough 10-day trial, enduring a long cross-examination from his own lawyer, Copp. The appeal judge initially wanted the prosecutor to photograph the genitals of the cup along with the rest of the lower body seen in the seized photographs, but he barked and eventually other than his penis. He said he decided to shoot all of them. Later, in the middle of the trial, he argued that new photographs were essential to his defense.

Judge Fleissig warned Copper to wait to the last minute to make the request and found that the new photo did not bring any value. She was later found guilty of eight out of nine cases, including the production, attempt to produce, and possession of child pornography.

December 2019, Flysig sentenced Cup to prison Up to 65 years in prison. She described the abuse of girls as “among the most vicious crimes in our society.”

Copp has never admitted cheating in this case.

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Ex-Dojo Pizza Owner Loses Appeal in Sex Crime Case Source link Ex-Dojo Pizza Owner Loses Appeal in Sex Crime Case

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