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Mike Lombardi shared that the Patriots worked to bridge the generational gap between Tom Brady and other players.

Alex Guerrero believed that Bill Belichick treated Tom Brady like a young player in his last year with the Patriots. Associated Press Photo / Charles Kurpa

Former Patriots executive Mike Lombardi comes to Bill Belichick’s defense after Tom Brady’s personal trainer Alex Guerrero criticizes his coach for how to handle Brady’s final season in New England.

Guerrero said Boston heraldKaren Gregian I thought he was belichick “I was still trying to treat [Brady] “Like the 20-year-old kid he drafted,” he added, “because he’s older, he should be treated differently.”

Lombardi, who has been on the Patriots staff since 2014-15, mentioned In an interview with WEEI’s “Merloni & Fauria” on Friday How Belichick strove to reach players of all ages in different ways.

“I didn’t understand what Alex was talking about,” says Lombardi. Some of the young players on the team. How do you fill that gap? I know that Belichick spent a lot of time in the off-season of 2015.

“So I don’t know what Alex is talking about. That is, Alex was allowed to enter the building, make his own crafts, and build a business in that building. What he is doing. Was when there weren’t many people who believed that they were compliant with the behavior of the training staff. So I don’t understand why people speak like them, because they make sense to me. Because there are things they don’t do. They have a very short memory of what actually happened. “

Belichick was asked about Guerrero’s comments on Friday, However, there was not much reaction.

“Thanks for the question,” Belichick said when asked about Guerrero’s comments. “I know there’s a lot of interest in next week’s game for obvious reasons, but here we’re focusing on saints and we’ll be arriving next week on Monday.”

Safety Devin McCourty is celebrating its 12th season at the Patriots. I also saw it differently from Guerrero How Belichick treats players based on their experience.

“I remember hearing Jimmie Johnson talk about the year of the rookie. He came to the visit and said that all players would be treated fairly, but not exactly the same,” McCorty said on Friday. Spoke to WEEI’s “Greg Hill Show”. “Even if you remove the age, each player will be treated differently, thanks to experience, from a signaler’s point of view, such as quarterback positions, middle linebackers, safety, different guys on special teams. Whether it’s a kicker or a long snapper, everyone is different based on what the team is expected to do and what the head coach needs and expects from you. I think it will be treated. “

Belichick and Brady will face each other directly in the field for the first time a week starting Sunday, when the Patriots host the Buccaneers.

Ex-Patriots exec ‘not sure’ what Alex Guerrero is talking about in criticism of Bill Belichick Source link Ex-Patriots exec ‘not sure’ what Alex Guerrero is talking about in criticism of Bill Belichick

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