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Riverside, California 2021-07-16 13:53:16 –

Richard Sherman, who played for the Seahawks for seven seasons, was arrested on suspicion of trying to break into his wife’s parents’ home in Redmond.

The Redmond-King County Public Prosecutor’s Office in Washington filed five criminal charges against former Seahawks Richard Sherman after Sherman was arrested on suspicion of attempting to break into his home-in-law on Friday morning.

Sherman has been charged with drunk driving, the reckless danger of road workers, a second trespassing of a criminal, resistance to arrest, and a third malicious mischief. All charges are misdemeanors.

Sherman will appear in court on Friday afternoon. The King County Prosecutor’s Office said there was no known criminal record before Sherman was arrested Wednesday.

A King County judge ordered Sherman to be released on Thursday without bail at his own discretion.

“The state is demanding $ 10,000 on bail. I think Mr. Sherman is a pillar of the community. He is a business owner, husband and father. I will return Sherman to court. I will release him on my own promise, “Judge Faamomoi Masaniai said at a court hearing in Sherman Thursday.

Sherman was released from prison on Thursday night. Conditions for Sherman’s release include that he will appear on all future court days, will not consume drugs or alcohol, will not have a gun, and will not refuse a breath or blood test.

Sherman’s father-in-law said he was armed with a gun and sprayed peppers on the NFL’s cornerback when he was trying to break into his house-in-law early Wednesday night, according to police reports obtained by the Associated Press. It was.

His father-in-law, Raymond Moss, told police that the shaman slammed into the door and was partially broken.

Sherman, 33, was arrested shortly after investigating domestic violence in robbery. Another condition for Sherman’s release is that he is not in contact with Moss.

The felony charges against the shaman were withdrawn on Thursday. Instead, according to the King County Public Prosecutor’s Office, Sherman resisted two criminal trespasses on the designation of domestic violence, three malicious mischief on the designation of domestic violence, arrested, and misdemeanor for drunk driving. Facing sin. ..

So far, Sherman has not been officially charged with a crime. He did not appear in court on Thursday and was represented by his lawyer. His next court hearing is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Just before 11:30 pm on Tuesday, the King County Sheriff’s Office notified Redmond police that Sherman may have traveled to Redmond, officials said.

Residents called the police at 2 am to report the robbery. According to Redmond police, Sherman was trying to break into his wife’s parents’ home.

When the police arrived, they had a “friendly” conversation with Sherman, but “the situation changed” when police officers tried to arrest him, according to Redmond Police Chief Darrell Rowe.

The shaman allegedly resisted his arrest as he tried to leave. Police officers used police dogs to help detain him. According to Rowe, Sherman suffered minor cuts in his legs and ankles due to K9 and was treated in the hospital before being put in jail.

Rowe said the shaman’s breath was said to have an addictive smell. Washington State Patrol has obtained a Sherman blood search warrant to measure addiction.

Rowe said the shaman did not know the motivation to go home.

Meanwhile, Washington State Patrol soldiers were investigating a hit-and-run accident involving a shaman.

According to Washington State Police Captain Ron Meade, Sherman traveled east on State Highway 520 and drove into a construction zone near 148th Northeast Avenue.

Construction workers called 911 and reported that they thought the driver had a disability and were expelled from the construction area.

WSP believes the shaman ran into a barrier as he left the construction zone. According to Mead, the Troopers found a shaman-registered car in a “widespread” damaged commercial parking lot.

Police believe the shaman then fled on foot and speculate that the shaman walked from his car to his house-in-law.

According to Rowe, Sherman was arrested for malicious mischief for damage to the doors of his house and resisted domestic violence in arrests and robbers on suspicion of attempting to break into a house associated with a resident.

Sherman played for the Seahawks for seven seasons from 2011 to 2017. Cornerback was a star for the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII victory and played a game-saving play to divert the NFC Championship Game pass against the 49ers.

He left the Seahawks after the 2017 season and played for three seasons in San Francisco.

The NFL Players Association has issued a statement that it knows that one of its players has been arrested.

“We realized last night that one of the player leaders was arrested on suspicion of a domestic violence incident and launched the Domestic Violence Crisis Protocol to protect and support everyone involved,” the association said. “As more facts become available to us, we will continue to monitor the event carefully.”

Ex-Seahawk Richard Sherman charged with 5 misdemeanors following arrest Source link Ex-Seahawk Richard Sherman charged with 5 misdemeanors following arrest

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