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Denver, Colorado 2021-06-10 12:17:07 –

Detroit — He plans to steal up to $ 1.5 million in union fees, and the money he diverts to golf clubs, villas, liquor and extravagant meals, fostering a culture of corruption within the United Auto Workers. did.

Former UAW President Gary Jones will now have to spend 28 months in federal prison and pay back thousands of dollars for his crimes.

Jones, 64, was convicted by Judge Paul Bowman of the US District Court in Detroit after pleading guilty to two plots last year. Bowman ordered Jones to surrender his term within 90 days and recommended an insecure federal prison in Seagoville, Texas.

Prior to ruling, Jones suffocated in court and apologized to his family and union members for his actions. “I failed them. I failed the UAW that elected me president,” he told Bowman. “I can only say that I’m sorry to disappoint them, I’ve disappointed my family.”

Federal Judgment Guidelines required 46 to 57 months in prison for Jones’ high position in the union. However, prosecutors demanded 28 months as Jones accepted responsibility and cooperated when the government tracked his cohort in an extensive investigation into union corruption.

“He was willing to help in any way,” US federal prosecutor David Garday told the court. “And he was honest.”

Gurdy said Jones was a good man who worked in a “culture of corruption” in many ways, following a crowd of other union leaders who thought they were “qualified to get ours.” He said he was. He said Jones helped indict Deniece Williams, who preceded Jones as president.

But Mr Guardy also said Jones’ crimes were serious, damaging the union and destroying confidence in the members’ leaders. He recommended that Bowman issue a statement informing the union that this action was unacceptable.

Although not all crimes are involved, the spouses of 11 union employees and deceased employees have been found guilty of corruption investigations since 2017. The first wave of convictions, including some Fiat Chrysler employees, involved money from the Fiat Chrysler-UAW training center in Detroit.

However, the union agrees to spending management, a court-appointed monitor overseeing six years of operation, and elections for members who decide whether to vote directly on the union’s leaders rather than choosing representatives. , Could prevent the possibility of takeover by the government. For conventions.

Millions of dues were used to fund court-appointed monitors, and the UAW had to pay large attorneys’ fees to the indicted officials, Gardyy wrote in a statement.

Jones, now in southern Dallas, Corsicana, Texas, also needs to repay the union for $ 550,000 and the Internal Revenue Service for $ 42,000. However, depending on the amount paid by other defendants, including Williams, his liability may be reduced.

He was also fined $ 10,000, including a series of golf clubs confiscated by authorities at the Missouri Regional Office, where Jones was a director before becoming president, as well as money from two bank accounts. You must confiscate at least $ 151,000.

Gurdy told Bowman that Jones would not only help other issues as the UAW investigation continued, but also help the union monitor internal disciplinary cases. He said the prosecutor could return to court and ask Bowman to acknowledge his cooperation, perhaps with a lighter ruling.

Gurdy accused the scandal of what he said was a lack of democracy in the union, with no financial control and no opposition to leadership. “There is no opportunity to check and balance the separation of powers,” Gardey said. Instead, he said the union was dominated by its caucuses.

From June 2018 to November 2019, Jones led 400,000 union members and resigned as the investigation intensified.

Prosecutors alleged that he had colluded with at least six other senior officials. He took some of them on vacation with their families for months at a time at a villa in Palm Springs, California. He spent the union’s money on luxury meals and over $ 60,000 on cigars, entertainment, liquor and golf rounds.

During the planning, UAW leaders got over $ 100,000 in clothing, golf equipment, and other items. Jones also took $ 45,000 in cash for his own use.

“The exorbitant thing was amazing,” Gardy wrote in a memo.

Ex-United Auto Workers union leader gets 28-month sentence Source link Ex-United Auto Workers union leader gets 28-month sentence

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