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Jason Biggs is a gift a lot In this exclusive trailer of cash on the new game show “Cash At Your Door,” one player thinks he’s Freddie Prinze Jr. when he knocks on the door.

Jason Biggs Having cash, he’s about giving it all. Hollywood Life There is an exclusive new trailer for the new game show Jason Biggs cash on your door It features the actor going to the door of the homeowner trying to give out money. Along the way, there are some pretty hilarious moments.

He knocks on a woman’s door and asks, “Do you know who I am?” She replied, “I don’t know.” At another door, Jason asks the same question.The next woman says, “Wait Freddie Prinze?? Not perfect!

“Our producers have told these defenseless homeowners to attend a non-existent show about their home,” explains Jason. “Instead, I’m trying to give them a chance to get a lot of cash.” He tells the homeowner, “I have the cash I want to give you.” He doesn’t mess with!

At some point, Jason counts the bills in front of his family and gives them the money right away! “Who doesn’t want to get cash without leaving home?” He asks. nobody!

Poster for Jason Biggs’ new game show “Cash At Your Door”. (E!)

These families are tested and need to work together through a wide range of 3 rounds of trivia quizzes. If they pass 3 rounds, they will earn $ 25,000.With the help of several celebrity guests playing for charities, including ex-baseball greats CC Sabathia And Bravo Star Dolores Catania When Ryan Sir Hunt, Jason confirms that his knock is worth the answer!

Jason Biggs cash on your door E starring in Season 2!Is part of a fun and entertaining game night Celebrity game faceHosted by Kevin Hart.. From August 31st Celebrity game face Kick off at 10 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) at night, followed by Jason Biggs cash on your door 11:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Exclusive look for “Cash At Your Door” – Hollywood Life

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