Exhibits to see for Spring 2021

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March is really mean. spring? Fake spring? Where is my shovel? Where are the bicycle tire pumps? If it’s snowing, it’s either muddy and melted, or wrapped in a crispy top layer. If there is grass, it’s like a swamp. The ice rink lacks the first ingredients, and the sidewalks have puddles and smooth spots.

I can’t go outdoors, I can’t stand being indoors.

What should I do? What should I do? And COVID-what to do in a cautious environment?

The Twin Cities Museum is open and has security precautions for visitors, such as ticket restrictions and time savings. This is the choice of what is happening, and it’s all happening with the required masks. Please check with the museum before you go out. In most cases, you will need a pre-timed ticket.

Wiseman Art Museum

Two fresh shows can be seen at the Weisman Art Museum on the University of Minnesota campus. “Paper Mountains: Marsden Hartley’s Lofty Landscapes” considers the work of artist Marsden Hartley (1877-1943), who clearly questioned the implications of creating American art. According to information from WAM, he sought inspiration from the mountains. The exhibit features images of the Hartree mountains created over 20 years in New Mexico, France, Germany and New England. Another new feature of WAM is “Immediate Problem: Prints as Social Justice in the United States in the 1930s”. It features the work of artists who commented on social injustice at the time through art. (((wam.umn.edu).

Minnesota History Center

Nelly Francis was an activist in St. Paul who wrote the lynching bill. The bill is on display at the “Temporary Women” exhibition. (Photo courtesy of MNHS)

The new exhibition “Extraordinary Women” is based on the online exhibition “Votes for Women” from 2020 and celebrates the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. The new exhibit contains images and inspirational information about women in Minnesota who fought for equal rights through political, educational and social justice activities around 1920. They were arrested, created a lynching law, and started school. There are 21 life-sized paintings of women and their stories and crafts.An additional 22 “extraordinary women” stories online mnhs.org.. Other exhibits at the History Center that are currently open include “Then Now Wow,” “Our Home: Native Minnesota,” and “The Greatest Generation.” (((mnhs.org).

Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art unveiled a redesigned Himalayan and South Asian and Southeast Asian galleries last fall. This was the first major update of these spaces in over 20 years. “With New Light: Mia’s Reinstalled Himalayan, South, and Southeast Asian Art Galleries” spans three galleries and features collection highlights, including a recently preserved 1,000-year-old Indian Shiva Nataraja sculpture. .. According to the information from Mia, there is a special object lent. Some of the works have been exhibited in museums since 1917 and are the first to be exhibited. Also, in Mia, check out “In the Presence of Our Ancestors: A Southern Perspective on African-American Art.” Introducing artists who have documented the country life and traditions of metalworking, funerals, garden art and quilting. (((artsmia.org).

American Swedish Institute

The American Sweden Institute’s “Papier” has a paper couture. (Cathy Bardan / Pioneer Press)

If you find it difficult to fold a paper plane, you’ll be amazed by what Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld created at the “Papier” exhibition at the American Swedish Institute until July 11th, turning paper into haute couture. Szenfeld dresses are worn. By Lady Gaga and Bjork. Don’t miss the fur cloak-like paper gown “Papier Noir” on the second floor of the museum. The illustration by artist writer Stina Wirsén is paired with Zenfeld’s work. (((asimn.org).

Walker Art Center

For indecisive days in March, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis offers outdoor options in the sculpture garden and indoor art amazings such as the major traveling exhibition “Designs for Different Futures” until April 11. .. The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago “DFDF” have more than 70 examples by future-oriented designers. Some works are designs that are already part of our present. The exhibition is divided into 11 sections: Labor, Cities, Intimacy, Body, Power, Earth, Food, Materials, Generations, Information and Resources, and is attended by a large number of international designers. Scientific, a little wacky and wonderful, “DFDF” includes sandals grown from human sweat, a series of books printed from a special forest tree 100 years later, and a better breast pump (“Making a Breast Pump”). The title) is included. Sack “) and a swirl dress based on the song of a bird in flight. (((walkerart.org).

Russian Museum

At the Russian Museum, Marlena Miles’s “Mystery of the Lost Men of Chilikov” is on display. (Courtesy: TMORA)

A special exhibition featuring the works of St. Paul’s artist Marlena Miles will continue until March 14th. In Alaska’s Russian Colonial Dynamics, Native American artist Miles talks about the interaction between native Alaska and Russians before Alaska became part of the United States. .. The museum features oil paintings by Soviet and post-Soviet prominent artist Gary Koljev, one of the leading figures in post-WWII Soviet art, and the innovative Russian-American artist Ekaterina Kro. The latest 23 works by Min are also on display. (((tmora.org).


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