Expansion of Impress in the UK

We all love to have a good set of teeth, and braces play an essential role in that aspect. Clear aligners play this role in an exceptional way. It is, in fact, what Impress clinics specializes in.

Impress clinics are currently located in Spain, England, Italy, France, Portugal, Ukraine, Germany and the UK. Recent occurrences, on the other hand, have demonstrated that Impress is growing. In England, there are three amazing new orthodontic clinics open right now. They have offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester as part of the company’s plans to expand in the UK.

One of them is located at 54 Brushfield Street in the Spinning Fields neighborhood. The clinic, which is 120 square meters in size, has two great treatment rooms. The second can be found in Eccles, Manchester. And the third one, is located at 51 Wharfside Street, Birmingham.

Our team also work in associated clinics in other locations such as Liverpool, Nottingham, Cardiff and Croydon. And we are planning to open our own clinics in more locations in the UK during the next few months.

Unseen orthodontic treatment options

There are various types of orthodontics that cannot be seen. You may decide which option is ideal for you based on how old you are, how hard it is, and how much money you have.


Because braces that are ceramic are constructed with the same material as teeth, they can be nearly unnoticeable. Metal braces, on the other hand, stand out.


Whatever color your teeth are, these resin braces will complement them well.


Another option is to employ invisible fixed metal braces that are hidden behind the teeth. You can’t see them because of the way they’re set up.

Clear aligners:

These aligners are removable braces, and are made of two clear splints that fit over a person’s teeth.

Lingual braces that go all the way to the back of the teeth cost more than ceramic and see-through orthodontics. Clear aligners are now the least expensive option.

Which kind of treatment has Impress?

Impress only provides a specific type of treatment: invisible orthodontics. Aligners that are clear are used to adjust the teeth until the desired outcome is achieved.

Patients are told to meet with the doctor face to face; the doctor will then take a good look at their mouth. This is done so that the doctor will know whether to go on with the treatment.

Before the treatment begins, an X-ray is done in the mouth to look for problems in the particular teeth that are causing difficulties. The next phase is a scan that is done in 3D. This scan is done so that the doctors can have an accurate view of the teeth. A 3D scan provides the Doctor with various perspectives of the teeth and what will work best for the patient.

Using the scan data, a video that is produced in 3D collage is used to depict how the teeth will change each week while wearing the aligners. If the patient finally approves of the various processes involved, the doctor can move on completely with the process


If you are trying to make sure your teeth are in good health, putting your oral hygiene first on a regular basis is very important. The workers and employees at Impress want to provide you with the highest quality oral care that will result in a smile and contentment on your face. Smile with confidence after the best dentists in the area attend to any and all of your oral hygiene needs at Impress.


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