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Arlington, Texas 2021-01-15 09:30:53 –

On the inauguration and the day before, there are more police officers on the streets of Arlington.

Some police officers will be easily found, said Charles “Andy” Penn, acting police chief. Other than that, there are not so many.

“It will definitely increase the presence of police throughout Arlington,” Penn said in an interview with ARLnow. “Some are visible, some are invisible.”

The ACPD “deploys increased police resources,” but “there are no known threats to Arlington County like this,” the agency said in a press release Thursday.

The current focus is on the public safety and protection of Arlington’s inhabitants, Penn says. He has not yet commented on whether ACPD received a request for mutual aid from the DC police or the federal government, but said police did not agree with anything.

“At this time, we are not committed to requests for mutual aid outside the federal government,” he said.

Prior to the US Capitol riots, ACPD agreed upon a request for mutual aid from the DC Metropolitan Police Department.

Arlington police officers were seen in a video on January 6 defending the US Capitol from Trump-backed riots and rebels. According to the new Washington Post’s account of the turmoil, they helped replace “the frontline, hurt and tired DC cop.”

As previously reported, ACPD police officers were not seriously injured, and Penn confirmed this to be the case.

According to Penn, the department had a “significant number” of police officers supporting MPD over the last three days, but no one is currently in DC.

Two US Capitol police officers and one Anne Arundel County police officer are currently investigating alleged actions during the riot. Penn says no such investigation has been conducted on Arlington’s officers.

“”I’m unaware of allegations that members of this agency were involved in illegal behavior, he says. “And if we notice, that’s certainly what we investigate.”

Penn reiterated that the situation remained “fluid” as preparations for inauguration were underway and plans could change. He says they have staff assigned to the inauguration for a few weeks, but the events of the last decade have changed some of the previous plans.

Penn added that the county is in constant contact with regional, state and federal agencies, and Arlington is committed to sharing both information and resources with these partners.

“Our goal as a whole is to be proactive in doing everything we can to ensure that the area is safe, prepared for it, have the right response plans and the right number of staff.” He says.

That can mean road closures. No road closures are currently planned, but discussions are underway on possible road closures.

The same is true for the possibility of implementing a curfew, as it was last Wednesday.

“I think the curfew depends on the situation at the time. There was minimal conversation about it, but we have no plans to do it at this time,” says Penn.

Travel options in Arlington and District are limited between them. DC has announced the closure of roads, and Metro has announced the closure of numerous downtown Metros. Democrats Arlington took note of the advice of local civil servants and arranged a special inauguration event in Arlington instead of heading to the district.

ACPD encourages reporting to anyone who finds suspicious activity on or the day before the inauguration, especially in crowded areas (such as “shopping centers, restaurant districts, religious services, public transport hubs”). I am. Soon.

“The more we work together as a community, the safer we are,” Penn said. “We are always better when working as a large team in the Arlington community.”

Expect an Increased Police Presence in Arlington On Inauguration Day Source link Expect an Increased Police Presence in Arlington On Inauguration Day

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