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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Just as many of us are cleaning up and recovering from last week’s thunderstorms and floods, another cyclone arrives, bringing about another busy monsoon spread. This next system is not very powerful, but it can still cause heavy thunderstorms, destructive winds, heavy rains, small hail, and floods to the area.


Another low pressure system has arrived, bringing another busy monsoon stretch this weekend.

This turbulence, combined with abundant humidity, causes widespread thunderstorms on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Not everyone sees rain as this next system passes, but we all could rain a little more. Most models predict somewhere from 0.10 inches to over 1 inch of rain in 3 days. However, isolated thunderstorms can cause even more rainfall in a short period of time.

This happens when you’re preparing to end a very productive July. Tucson has already set a new record for the rainiest July ever. The official reporting station, Tucson International Airport, has recorded 7.08 inches of rain since the beginning of the month and may be added to the total before the end of the month. This breaks the old record for the month set in July 2017, when 6.80 inches were recorded.

Not only do you already break the record for the rainiest July ever recorded in Tucson, but you also have the chance to actually break the record for the rainiest month ever recorded. The rainiest month ever recorded was August 1955, when it rained 7.93 inches. We are within an inch to break the record and this next system may provide enough rain to do it!

Record of rainfall in Tucson


This is the rainiest July on record and the second rainiest month to date since rainfall tracking began.

July treated us very well with a lot of rain, and we can finally say that we are above the average for the year. Unfortunately, I don’t like too much rain in a short period of time, as dangerous floods can occur and sometimes be tragic. Floods also leave a great deal of confusion for many inhabitants to clean up. But despite all this, heavy rains have helped bring a lot of necessary relief to our dry desert.

In June, the precipitation page looked pretty dark. We were well below average rainfall and droughts continued to increase. The misery of the 2020 monsoon made us less confident that it would rain heavily. As we approach the end of this month, we will be satisfied with the precipitation page. We can’t be too excited because we still need rain to help clear the deficit of the last two years and fill the unstable and lacking reservoir. July is a blessing and hopefully August will bring us into a more beneficial rain.

Precipitation data


Tucson is not the only country to record above average monsoon rainfall. Most communities in southern Arizona have so far reported total rainfall above the monsoon average.keep

Keep in mind that Tucson’s modified average monsoon rainfall totals 5.69 inches. At the time of writing this article, we have already surpassed it with more than 7 inches of rain.

Total monsoon rains in 2021


The outlook remains good for the monsoon to remain relatively active towards August. As many of us know, the monsoon is capricious and suddenly turns its back on us and may wonder what happened to the thunderstorm that caused so much rain. We know how much rain it will rain in August, but it’s already above average in the monsoon and finally above average this year. I hope you can keep up the trend!

Until then, be aware that the next thunderstorm will hit Arizona. Since the ground is already saturated, it doesn’t take much rain to perform the wash quickly. We always want to remind you … look back and don’t drown!

Expect widespread thunderstorms today through Saturday Source link Expect widespread thunderstorms today through Saturday

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