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Expectations for LBCC Expressions – South Asians at Hollywood Zoom Event – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-05-25 00:58:46 –

“The violence we are doing against communities left out of society is significantly reduced when we see humanized stories and people in movies and television … Therefore, communities left out of society. The more we talk about characters and humanize them, the safer the whole community will be. “–Fawsia Mirza (original illustration by Catherine Miller)

To commemorate Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Long Beach City College is hosting a zoom event entitled “The Problem of Expression-Hollywood South Asians.”

Three panelists will participate in the event. Meera Simhan, Ravi Kapoor, Fauzia Mirza. They will all discuss their experience in Hollywood and the importance of being able to tell their story to the audience.

Teacher Professional Development Coordinator Suman Mudunuri found it important to cover this topic as his family and friends were not accurately portrayed as he grew up. “When we have accurate and authentic representations, we believe we can break down barriers, open up all of us to new ideas, create powerful role models, and even be a source of inspiration. “I am,” said Mudunuri.

Actress and writer Meera Simhan wanted to attend the event not only because she was contacted by a friend, but also because she thought it was important to focus on South Asian actors.

“Events like this are really important to be able to go to” Hey, we’re here, we’re doing this, you can see us ” ..I hope this gives people courage, inspiration, and a desire to move forward. [in the industry].. “Simhan says.

A lawyer-turned writer, director, and (sometimes) actor, Fawsia Mirza wanted to attend the Zoom Conference because of the expressive and activist elements that the entertainment industry can have.

“The violence we are doing against communities left out of society is significantly reduced when we see humanized stories and people in movies and television. Therefore, we appear in communities left out of society. The more we can talk and humanize people, the safer the whole community will be, “says Mirza.

Mirza discusses students’ personal experience, the importance of expression and gender equality in front of sets and cameras, and the importance of hiring writers to represent the characters being written. You can expect it.

The focus is on experience in the South Asian actor industry, but both Simhan and Mirza say students are required to attend if they want to learn about the television and film industry, even if they are not from South Asia. Focus on the facts. ..

The three panelists have never done a panel together. Mirza cites this as another incentive.

Simhan encourages students to say: [also].. “

“The other reason is to buy tickets,” says Mirza. [a] theater [production] Or going to the movies is to support the arts, programs, and artists, and I think showing and checking it even a little shows your support for what you are. [campus] The community is doing it. “

The event will take place on May 25th from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm via Zoom. The link to the event can be found here:


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