Expected SCOTUS ruling could lead to abortion ban in Nebraska – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2022-05-03 19:59:40 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Nebraska Legislatures may return to Lincoln for a special session if the Roe v. Wade case is overturned by the US Supreme Court.

This was after Politico published a draft opinion of the majority leaked by Vice Judge Samuel Alito, effectively in a groundbreaking 1973 court that legalized abortion nationwide. It overturns the judgment of Roe v. Wade.

“It’s very difficult to be as desperate as desperate in the news. What do you say to people to make them hopeful,” said Senator Megan Hunt. Told.

Hunt said he was shocked to hear the news over coffee with a friend on Monday while preparing for the news that the Roe v. Wade case would be overturned.

Progressive Omaha Senator helped defeat the unicameral ban on trigger abortion just a few weeks ago by a small margin of two votes.

She probably seems to fight it again.

“Anyway, we’re back with no triggers. That is, we’re going to decide what will happen in Nebraska when this reversal happens. Currently, there is no law to tell us,” Nebraska said. Sandy Danek, Executive Director of Right to Life in the state, said.

Danek has been fighting for years to ban abortions throughout the state. She looked cautiously optimistic on Tuesday, but was angry that her decision had been leaked altogether.

“I don’t think the Supreme Court judges are likely to change their minds. I’m more skeptical that this is happening for political reasons,” Daneck said.

The anti-abortion movement in Nebraska is powerful, and Danek says everyone comes to it for their own reasons. For her, it’s from her personal experience of miscarriage.

“So, if you gave birth to a child at 20 weeks gestation, saw the beauty of that child, and humanity revived, you would wonder,’Why do we destroy these perfectly healthy children?’ .. “Daneck said.

3 News Now I went to the Bellevue abortion clinic. There are often people standing outside to protest or pray. There was no one there on Tuesday afternoon.

But one woman, Shelly Manne, is a volunteer escort for the clinic. She emphasized that abortion is still legal, but if that changes, she and her other progressive groups still work to give women access to abortion.

“We organize to ensure that people can reach the states where their access is available. We intend to provide abortion, we do what we do until we can no longer. I will continue, “Man said.

Under current state law, abortion is banned in 20 weeks.

Members tried to abstain in April, but Republican Senator Robert Hilkemann and local Democratic Senator Lin Waltz did not vote on the bill, leaving two votes short.

Senator Lou Ann Linehan told 3 News. Now she is hoping to come back.

“The overall point of doing that in a regular session is to make sure we don’t have to come back, but we’re happy to come back,” Linehan said.

Congress failed to pass the ban during its most recent session, but Hunt says he only buys Nebraska’s time to make plans.

“I think they probably have a vote banning abortion during a special session of Congress, but I promised to make it the most intolerable and painful experience my colleagues have ever experienced. “Masu,” Hunt said.

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Expected SCOTUS ruling could lead to abortion ban in Nebraska Source link Expected SCOTUS ruling could lead to abortion ban in Nebraska

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